3 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!


Can y’all believe it’s been 3 years?! To celebrate my blogiversary, I’m giving away 10 fabulous prizes! This giveaway is going to be slightly more complicated than my past giveaways (ahem, 10 prizes!) so please bear with me and read the instructions carefully:

Some prizes are open to International readers and some aren’t, so check before you enter for that prize.

You can enter to win as many prizes as you want! But you can only win one prize, so only list the ones you actually want. I will draw winners in the order listed in the Rafflecopter widget, so if I draw your name as the winner for the Mona, you won’t be eligible for the Eroscillator/Adam/Sport etc.

-To win a particular prize, you must do one of the sponsor themed entries for that prize. The sponsor is listed under each prize (donated by —.) So if you want the Lelo Mona, you must either follow Lelo on Twitter or go to their website and then comment on my blog etc.(instructions are in Rafflecopter widget.) You can do both for extra entries, and you can do entries for sponsors even if you don’t want their prize to help your overall entries, but you MUST do a sponsor themed entry for the prize(s) you want.

-Gain more entries (and show me you love me!) by doing the Penny themed entry options!

-I’m trying something different this year by adding a creative entry option!

Creative Entry Options:

1. Take a creative sex toy photo! It doesn’t have to look professional, but it does need to be creative. Need some inspiration? Browse my toy photos or check out this Pinterest board


2. Create an artistic representation of one of the prizes you want to win or of something related to my blog! A painting, song, poem, something else? Go crazy with it!

To get credit for your creative entry, share your photo/artistic expression somewhere on social media (& tag me!) and then enter the url of where you shared it in the Rafflecopter form or email it to me: pennyforyourdirtythoughts@gmail.com and enter the email you used to send it in the Rafflecopter form under the creative option.

By sharing your photo/expression, you agree to allow me to post it on my blog (but of course you retain all creative rights.) Let me know whether or not you want photo credit/a link if I decide to post it. Creative entries must be done by Monday October 6th so I have time to choose my favorites.

-All creatives will get 10 extra entries! You can do more than one photo/expression, but you’ll only get credit for the 10 creative entries. My top 3 favorite creatives will also receive an additional 30 extra entries! 

And now for the fun part…


Lelo Mona 2


The Lelo Mona 2 in the color of your choice (red, cerise, or purple), donated by Lelo!

Open to International Readers!

Eroscillator 2 Plus/ Soft Finger Combo


The Eroscillator 2 Plus Soft Finger Combo, donated by Eroscillator! It’s not quite as powerful as the one I have, but I’ve heard it’s pretty close, and it comes with my fave attachment, the Marshmallow (Soft Finger)!

Open to U.S. readers only.

Tantus Adam O2 (Black)


The Adam O2 in black, donated by Tantus!

Open to U.S. readers only.

BS Sport


The BS Sport aka the Sock Dildo, donated by SheVibe!

Open to readers in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia!

NobEssence Romp


The NobEssence Rompdonated by Burlesque Toyshop!

Open to U.S. readers only.

Crystal Minx Tail Plug


Crystal Minx Tail Plug, donated by Crystal Delights!

Open to U.S. readers only.

Tantus Ryder


A unique red swirly Grab Bag Ryder, donated by Tantus!

Open to U.S. readers only.

Fun Factory Bootie (Black)


Fun Factory Bootie in black, donated by Fun Factory!

Open to U.S. readers only.

Beyondage Almosta 4Posta Under the Bed Restraint Kit


Beyondage Almosta 4Posta Under the Bed Restraint Kit, donated by Lovehoney!

Open to readers in the U.S., UK, and Australia!

Sexy Book Bundle


A bundle of sexy books: The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, 50 Shades of Kink, and Best Women’s Erotica 2014, donated by Cleis Press!

Open to U.S. readers only.

Thank you so much to my awesome sponsors Lelo, EroscillatorTantus, SheVibe, Burlesque Toyshop, Fun FactoryCrystal Delights, Lovehoney, and Cleis Press!

Good Luck Everyone! 

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134 thoughts on “3 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!”

  1. Amber

    I’ve heard the Eroscillator is 10x better then the Hitachi and I’m a HUGE fan of the Hitachi, so I can only imagine how amazing the Eroscillator is!

  2. Amber

    It’s so hard to pick only 3 toys from Crystal Delights! I want them all! But if I had to pick 3 it would be the pink Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug, The Spartacus MMXII Glass ‘Torch’ and the CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Pink Atomic Rose Plug!

    I have the pink Hello Kitty plug and the Pineapple delight plug, both are amazing!

  3. Beck

    For LELO: I’d love Luna beads luxe, Ora, and Hula beads.

    I want the Eroscillator because it is one of those items I haven’t had yet. I really need to get my hands on one.

    For Tantus: I want Motion, Cush, and Hank.

    For SheVibe: I want JOPEN Lust L2 and L3 as well as a liberator throe.

    For Burlesque Toys: Tenga Flip hole, Pure Plug Medium, and Fun Wand.

    Fro Crystal Delights: Hello Kitty Plug, Minx Tail Coyote, and Rainbow pony tail.

    For Fun Factory: New Wave, Share XL, and Mr. Pink.

    For Lovehoney: Sqwell go, RodeoH lace low rise, and Cobra Libre II.

    For CleisPress: Studs, Wrapped Around Your Finger, and xoxo.

  4. Bonnie T.

    Lelo: Mona 2, Iris, Gigi 2

    Eroscillator: This is one of the most consistently praised and highly reviewed toys in the sex blogger community. Of course I want it!

    Tantus: Splash, Realdoe, Rocket

    Shevibe: Mona 2, Vixskin Johnny, Aslan Minx Harness

    Burlesque: Pure Wand, Lelo Luna Beads, Tantus Adam

    Crystal Delights: Crystal Twist Clear, “New” Crystal Twist, Short Stem Plug

    Fun Factory: Big Boss, Patchy Paul, Amor

    Lovehoney: Stoya fleshlight, RodeoH Strap On Harness Underpants, Vixskin Raquel

    CleisPress: Men of the Manor, Active Duty, Friday the Rabbi Wore Lace
    (Oh my god! Jewish erotica!!)

  5. Rei Pardieu

    Whoops! Accidentally said the toys I want in the widget instead of via comment so am fixing that.

    From Lelo, I want an Ella, a Mia 2 and a Mona!

  6. Kitty

    The three toys I want most from LELO are the Lyla 2, Ina 2 and Liv 2. The three from SheVibe are Feeldoe Vibrating Double Dildo, Amazon Connoisseur Strap-On Harness by Tantus [My GF’s favorite color is purple and she was like…I NEEED ITTTTT.] and the Ceramix No. 4 because it’s hella pretty to look at…

  7. Michael

    Top wanted products by website:

    Lelo: Ocean Blue Hula Beads, Iris, and the Medium Smart Wand.

    SheVibe: Oh goodness, I have quite a wishlist there. But to narrow it down to top 3… Njoy Pure Wand, Fun Factory Stronic 3 in turquoise, & Super Hung Heroes: The Hammer.

    Tantus: Feeldoe Realdoe, Bound (black), & Flurry 02

    Lovehoney: Malesation Big and Swirly, Njoy Eleven, & Colours Pleasure 8″

    FunFactory: Tiger, Share XL, & Bandito

    Burlesque Toy Shop: Icicles No. 24, Tantus Adam 02, & Key By Jopen Comet 2

    The Eroscillator really stands out to me. I love the sort of steampunk-esque look to it! That really sets it apart from similar toys.

  8. Scarlet

    Lelo: Isla, Gigi 2 and Siri

    Eroscillator: I love my Hitachi, but sometimes a girl just needs something that is more precises.

    Tantus: Vamp, Echo Handle, Cush O2

    Shevibe: Gspoon, Liberator Throe, Liberator Axis Magic Wand

    Burlesque Toyshop: We Vibe Tango, Life Leaf, NobEssence Fling

    Crystal Delights: Crystal Minx Tail, Short Step Small Bulb Plug, Crystal Twist Clear Dildo

  9. Wren

    For my Lelo entry, I think the three toys I want the most (other than the Mona 2) are the Siri, the Iris and the Billy (sure it’s marketed for guys but I’ve discovered that vibrators and butt things are actually a really great combo for me).

    For the Eroscillator entry, the reason I’d want an Eroscillator is twofold: 1) I’ve heard a lot of things about this thing and I want to see if it will do me some good, 2) I only have one vibrator right now and while it’s great and I love it if the battery dies while I’m busy I have no alternative to reach for.

    For the Tantus entry the three items I want the most (other than the Adam O2 and Ryder which are both high on my want list as it is) are the grab bag Vamp, the grab bag Echo Handle and the Curve. There’s also the Twist plug that was recomended to me by a friend, but you only asked for three.

    For the SheVibe entry the three items I want the most are Super Hung Heroes The Hammer Silicone Dildo (it’s a dildo designed to look like Thor’s hammer, don’t tell me that’s not awesome), Bubble Love Personal Pleasure Jet and the Whipspider Wave Dildo (Whipspider Rubberworks went belly up and I’d like to get one of their toys before they’re gone forever). I also need to get a Pleasure Purse from SheVibe one of these days because my current toy box is getting too small for my dildo collection.

  10. Astra

    So, top wanted products for each site…hm…
    Lelo: I would have to say Mia 2, Gigi 2, and Siri.
    Tantus: This is really hard (partially because I already have a lot of the best ones) but i’d say feeldoe stout, the comet, and that limited edition goliath dildo (what can I say, i prefer a solid base to their bullet holes)
    Shevibe: I have like a wishlist of like 70 things on shevibe so this was hard, but i’d say Njoy pure wand, the spareparts joque harness, and the large vamp talula
    Burlesque: NobEssence Seduction, we-vibe tango, and the medium pure plug
    Crystal Delights: I’ve been eyeing the crystal twist forever! I also like the short stem frosted plug and the pineapple delight plug
    Fun Factory: The Big Boss vibe, the share XL, and the tiger
    Lovehoney: The stronic eins, RodeoH crotchless strap on harness, and vixskin maverick

    And why do I want the eroscillator? Besides the fact that everyone raves about how absolutely amazing it is, it’s just so different from pretty much any other sex toy i’ve ever seen, so i’m dying to try it!

  11. Insatiablytaken

    Last one I promise. From Crystal Delights I’d love one of their crystal twists, a magnetic tail plug and then a billion different tails.

  12. Bitsen

    Urrrpp. I also wanted to enter for the Romp and the Bootie, but I clicked enter before I noted them.

    From Lelo’s website, I most want the Lelo Mona 2, the Luna Beads, and the Large Smart Wand.

    That Eroscillator looks fantastically steam punk. I mean really, it looks so over the top and I love it. I’ve also heard very about a lot of pleasurable experiences it has given people and I am quite intrigued.

    I think on Tantus right now I am most interested in the Vamp Grab Bag, the Splish, and the Flurry.
    And the Rocket.

    From SheVibe, I very much want the VixSkin Tie-Bright Maverick, a medium Pure plug, and the faux fur liberator throw.

    From Burlesque toy shop, I like the NJoy Pure Wand, The Romp, and the Bootie.

    Crystal delights is really fun. I like the Kitty Plug, CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Cobalt Plug, and the Pineapple Delight Plug w/Glacier Blue Rose Crystal.

    I like Fun Factory’s Booty, Boosty, and Einz.

    From Lovehoney, Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo, Icicles 8, and the 24.

    From Cleis Press, Lust in Latex, The Edible Garden, and Body Alchemy.


  13. Property Of Potter

    Three things each, huh? That’s challenging in itself!

    On SheVibe:

    Liberator Flip Ramp – Velvish Black
    Vamp Greta Softskin Silicone Dildo – Red & Silver Swirl
    Kinklab Neon Wand Electrosex Kit

    On Burlesque Toy Shop:

    NobEssence Fling
    Tenga 3D Polygon
    nJoy Fun Wand

  14. Jillyn

    From Lelo, I love: Ora in Midnight Blue, Hula Beads in Ocean Blue, and Nea in Black.

    I’d love an Eroscillator because I get off far more when the vibrations are precise, and so far I haven’t had a toy that does that well enough and this one looks like just the thing I need.

    From Tantus, I love: Meteorite plug, Comet dildo, and Splash Dildo.

    I adore SheVibe, and my top three toys are: iScream Silicone Dildo, The BS Sport, and Crave Duet Waterproof Rechargeable Mini Vibrator – Crimson.

    From Burlesque Toyshop, I love: Sex & Mischief: Studded Paddle, The Pinch Nipple Clamps, & Divine Diva Plus Size Harness

    I adore Crystal Delights, and I’d love: Crystal Delight Kitty Medallion Pink Plug, Crystal Minx Tail Plug (Red Fox Fur), and Crystal Minx Faux Pony Tail Plug in Baby Pink.

    From FunFactory, I’d want: Delight (Blackberry-Black), Ocean in Turquoise, and New Wave in Pink.

    From Lovehoney, I’d most want: We-Vibe 4 Plus in Pink, Intimate Part Spreader G-Spot Remote Control Vibrator, & Mantric Sysil Edge Adjustable Vibrating Silicone Strapless Strap On.

    I adore Cleis Press books, and three I can’t wait to read are: Darker Edge of Desire, Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors, and Daughters of Darkness.

  15. Emily

    The three things each that I want, are…. Prepare yourself!:

    On Lelo:
    Elise 2
    Ina 2

    On Tantus:
    Twilight Cush 02
    Cream Max 02

    On SheVibe:
    Pride Rainbow 2013 G-Spot Silicone Dildo by BS – Medium
    Sport G-Spot Silicone Dildo by BS – Medium – White, Black & Magenta
    Super Hung Heroes The Caped Cock Silicone Dildo – Black

    On Burlesque Toy Shop:
    Sportsheets Menage A Trois Double Penetration Harness & Dildo Set
    Icicles No 24 Glass Dong
    Something Forbidden Butt Plug

    On Crystal Delights:
    Crystal Minx Tail Plug (Large Silver Fox)
    Crystal Minx 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Plug
    Crystal Minx Bunny Tail Plug (Pink)

    On Fun Factory:
    Delight (Blackberry-Black)
    New Wave (Black)
    Big Boss (black)

    On Love Honey:
    Rocks Off Ammunition RO-80mm Erotic Ink Bullet Vibrator
    Intimate Part Spreader G-Spot Remote Control Vibrator
    Mantric Sysil Edge Adjustable Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo

    On Cleis Press:
    Daughters of Darkness Lesbian Vampire Tales
    The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica
    Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission

  16. Trix

    From Lelo, I’d love the Mona 2, Gigi 2, or Billy.

    I want an Eroscillator because I’ve heard the sensation is like no other vibrator there is, and I’d like to experience that. I love pinpoint stimulation, and the attachments all look like so much fun!

    At SheVibe, I’d love a Stronic Eins, nJoy Pure Wand, or Vibratex Mystic Wand.

    From Crystal Delights, I’d like the Jada Stevens Anal Spade plug, “The Ash Girl” harnessable dildo, or The Spartacus MMXII Glass “Torch.”

    From Fun Factory, I’d love the Stronic Eins (wanted one for AGES!), a Layaspot, or a Delight.

    At Lovehoney, I’d pick a Vibratex Mystic Wand, a Vixen Spur, or a Jimmyjane Contour Massage Stone.

    I’ve been wanting to read the Cleis Press books LOVE BETWEEN MEN, STUDS, and BOY CRAZY.

  17. Calvin

    Lelo – Ina 2, Billy, Luna Beads Noir

    Eroscillator – Better than the Hitachi? Bring it on!

    Tantus – Realdoe Slim, Black Widow Connoisseur Harness, Tsunami

    SheVibe – Mystim Ohthello Ovaldildo, Liberator Flip Ramp – Velvish Grey, Fun Factory Stronic Two Pulsator – Black

    Burlesque – WeVibe 4, Je Joue Ami Balls, NobEssence Seduction

    Crystal Delights – Crystal Twist (Aurora Borealis), The Spartacus MMXII Glass ‘Torch’, CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Cobalt Plug

    Fun Factory – New Wave, Share, Stronic Zwei

    Lovehoney – Doxy Extra Powerful US Massage Wand Vibrator, Julian Snelling Rosebud Stainless Steel Small Jewelled Butt Plug

    Cleis Press – Best Bisexual Women’s Erotica, The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex: The Most Complete Sex Manual Ever Written (Third Edition), Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories


  18. Hargow Wong

    For LELO: I want BILLY, EARL, and GIGI2.
    I want an Eroscillator because it can make my sex life better.
    For Tantus: I want P-Spot, Sport, and Prostate Health.
    For SheVibe: I want Stronic Two (Zwei) Pulsator, Njoy Pfun Steel Prostate Massager, and Basix Rubber Works Slim 7″ With Suction Cup.
    For Burlesque Toys: I want Tantus Compact, nJoy Fun Wand, and Tantus Adam O2.
    For Crystal Delights: I want Kitty Medallion Plug, Jada Stevens Anal Spade Plug, and ‘The Ash Girl’ Harnessable Dildo.
    For Fun Factory: I want STRONIC ZWEI, TIGER, and MAGNUM.
    For Lovehoney: I want Meiki Utensil Race Proof 007 Sarah Realistic Vagina Masturbator, Hot Octopuss PULSE Vibrating Male Masturbator, and Lelo Bob Luxury Silicone Prostate Massager.

  19. Dani

    From the Lelo site, I’ve been lusting over the Elise 2 and the Luna Beads (Noir!) for ages. The Ora looks amazing too!

    I’d love the Eroscillator, honestly, because it looks super steampunk and that’s an aesthetic that I’m completely in love with. It’s a definite selling point. I also really love toys that don’t need batteries.

    From Tantus, I’d love the Realdoe Slim, Little Secrets Touch, and the Hank.

    From SheVibe, I love the Fashionistas whip (okay, it’s more of an accessory than a toy, but STILL!), Icicles No. 35, and Ceramix #12.

    From Burlesque Toyshop (which is SO AMAZING, and going straight into my bookmarks), I want… everything. Okay, just three. The NobEssence Seduction, Njoy Pure Wand, and the Life Leaf (so cute!).

    From Crystal Delights, the Colors Against Cancer Short Stem-Small Bulb Frosted Green, the Crystal Twist, and the Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail.

    From FunFactory, the Smartballs Duo, Delight (also so cute!), and the Amor in pink.

    From LoveHoney, the Rocks Off Ammunition RO-80mm Glamour Shine Bullet Vibrator and Erotic Ink Bullet Vibrator, and the Pure Aluminium Whisper-Quiet Ridged Bullet Vibrator.

    And finally, from Cleis Press, Healing Sex by Staci Haines, the amazing Violet Blue’s Kissing and The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot.

  20. Ali

    Great idea for a giveaway! I’d like to win the Mona, heard so many good things about it.

    Top 3 picks are…
    Lelo: Smart wand large, Gigi 2, Mona 2.
    Lovehoney: Bondage Boutique Position chair, Svakom Gaga, Eroscillator 2 Deluxe.
    Cleis Press: The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys, The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot.
    Tantus: Bound, Mark, Flurry.

  21. flchen1

    From Cleis Press–Delilah Devlin’s Hot Highlanders and Wild Women; Delilah Devlin’s Cowboy Heat; Partners in Passion
    A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy and Long-Term Love
    Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson

  22. Sarah

    I already own so many Lelo toys, that there isn’t much else that I’ve been •dying• to get my hands on, however I would like to try the Elise 2 (in black), the Mia 2 (in black) because although I own a fair amount of clit toys, none are USB rechargeable! I mean how cool is that? And finally a pair of the Luna Noir Beads (in, you guessed it BLACK), I’ve never used a pair of beads before, but what the heck they’re worth a try.

    For Fun Factory, I neeeeeed The Stronic Eins (hot pink), Big Boss (orange), and the Share XL

    For Tantus, The Adam O2 (black), The Splash, & The Tantus Ryder

    For Shevibe, Vixskin Buck (chocolate), Vixskin Randy (vanilla), some Devine Drawstring Toy Storage Pouches

    For Burlesquetoyshop, The Jopen Comet 2 (turquoise), The NobEssenceRomp, & the We Vibe Tango

    For Crystal Delights, The Crystal Twist Clear Dildo, The Hello Kitty Medallion Pink Plug (because I’m actually a 14 year old girl trapped in a woman’s body), and the Crystal Minx Tail (red fox)

    For Lovehoney, a bottle of Sliquid Sassy (Im running low!), Njoy Pure Plug (large), & Vixskin Maverick (chocolate)

    CleisPress, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women, The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, & Odd Girl Out.

    I want the erosciallator because it’s often heralded as “THE BEST CLIT TOY TO EVER EXIST EVER!!!111” and as a self proclaimed ‘clit girl’ I feel as though I need it in my collection. I have a few toys meant for external stimulation, and they are good, but none are “The One” hopefully this could be it? haha

  23. Addie

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! I’ve been stalking your artsy toy photos, and I love them! Totally inspired 🙂

    Here’s the contest list!

    Lelo: Mona 2, Gigi 2, Luna Beads

    Tantus: Rocket, Comet, Magic Wand Original

    Shevibe: B Swish BBold Premium Rechargeable Vibrator, Limon Waterproof Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator by Minna, Anal Pleasure Glass Plug by Joyful Pleasure

    Burlesque Toys: Delicious Pleasure Silicone Pleasure Balls, Fun Factory Sonic Double Dildo, Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

    Crystal Delights: Crystal Delight Short Stem-Small Bulb Plug, CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Pink Atomic Rose Plug, Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug

    Fun Factory: Amorino, Mini Ocean Vibrator, UFO vibrator

    Love Honey: Icicles No 5 Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo, BlueBella OM..G! G-Spot Vibrator, Marc Dorcel Geisha Ball Silicone Butt Plug with Crystal

    Cleipress: Inseparable Desire Between Women in Literature byEmma Donoghue, She
    A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman by Mary Anne Radmacher, Annie Sprinkle: Post-Porn Modernist – My Twenty-Five Years as a Multimedia Whore by Annie Sprinkle

    Thanks so much again! Great blog!

  24. Stephanie

    I would love to have an Eroscillator because I have heard that the oscillations are unlike the sensations produced by any other toy. They’re deep and rumbly and don’t cause numbness.

    From Lelo, I would love to own the Mona 2, the Mia 2, and the Ella.

    From Tantus, the Bound, the Cush, and Juice plug.

    From Fun Factory, I would like the Stronic Eins, the Big Boss, and the Share.

    From Burlesque toys, I would buy the Toyfriend Seti, the njoy Pure Wand, and the Sex & Mischief bed bondage restraint kit.

    I would get the Svakom Gaga, the Rodeoh crotchless panty, and the Supersex glass dildo set from Lovehoney.

    From Shevibe, I would get the Rhino Genesis, the Fuze Tango, and the Bubble Love.

    Awesome giveaway, by the way! I’ve been wanting a lot of these for a long time.

  25. Joseph

    From Lelo I would like HULA BEADS, Mona 2, and Luna Beads.

    I would like an Eroscillator because it looks like it could give my gf amazing orgasms and I would love to see that.

    From Tantus I would like the flex, panty play, and the twist.

    From SheVibe I would like the njoy pure small plug, Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Kegel Balls, and California Exotic Novelties Body and Soul Rechargeable Love Bunny.

    From Burlesque Toy Shop I would like the pure plug small, any of the We Vibes, and Lelo Luna Beads.

    From Crystal Delights I would like the crystal twist color dildo, Pineapple Delight Plug w/Glacier Blue Rose Crystal, and The Spartacus MMXII Glass ‘Torch’.

    From FunFactory I would like an xs share dildo, amorino, and the bootie.

    From LoveHoney I would like Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls, pure plug small, and Double Ding Ding Vibrating Cock Ring.

    From Cleis Press I would like The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women
    Second Edition, The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, 2nd Edition, and The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus, 2nd Edition.

  26. That Virgin Who Can't Drive

    More entries!

    I want an Eroscillator because I’m in need of a new clitoral vibe and have heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

    The three Tantus toys I want the most: the Cush, the Goddess, and the Splash

    The three toys I want most from Shevibe currently are: a LELO Mona 2, a Vixen Off With Your Head Hitachi attachment, and a LELO Ella.

    The toys I want most from Burlesque are: Tantus Cush, We Vibe Touch, and LELO Mona 2

    The toys I want most from Crystal Delights are: Ash Hollywood’s The Ash Girl Harnessable Dildo, Crystal Twist Clear Dildo, Colors Against Cancer Short Stem-Small Bulb Frosted Green Plug

    The toys I want most from Fun Factory are: the Layaspot, the Ocean (turquoise), and the Gigolino (orange)

    The toys I want most from Love Honey are: Tantus Silk (medium), Vibratex Mystic Wand, Fun Factory LAYAspot

    The books I want most from Cleis Press are: James Lear’s The Back Passage, Benjamin Law’s Gaysia, and Fool For Love: New Gay Fiction

  27. Rosie

    Lelo: Mona 2, Ora & Gigi 2

    Eroscillator: I want this because of all the rave reviews about it and because I’d love an amazing clit toy!

    Tantus: Splash, Maverick & Luke

    She Vibe: Mona 2, We vibe Touch & VixSkin Maverick

    Burlesque Toy Shop: NobEssence Seduction, Jopen Key Comet Wand 2 & Njoy Pure Wand

    Crystal Delights: Colours against cancer small bulb cobalt plug, Ash Hollywood’s Dildo & Jada Stevens Anal Spade plug

    Fun Factory: Stronic Drew, The Boss & Big Boss

    LoveHoney: VixSkin Johnny, Fun Factory Big Boss & We Vibe Touch

    Cleis Press – 50 Shades of Kink, Bound by Last and Please, Sir.

  28. Crissy K

    Alrighty, I’m gonna follow everyone else and put all these in one post! I’m only trying for the Eroscillator though. 🙂

    Lelo: Mia 2, Siri, and the Luna Beads

    Man, I want that Eroscillator because not only does it look amazing (steampunnk yesplz) It’s also got multiple attachments AND it oscillates and I seriously wanna feel that. Plus I need a clit vibe so I have something to use with my g-spot vibe!

    Tantus: Splash, Goddess, and Eaze

    Shevibe: Stronic Eins, Kinklab Power Tripper, and Club Vibe 2.OH Remote Vibrator

    Burlesquetoyshop: NobEssence Fling, Life Leaf, and Minna Limon

    Crystal Delights: The “New” Crystal Twist™ Color Dildo, Crystal Delight Kitty Medallion Pink Plug, and Crystal Minx Tail Plug

    Fun Factory: Can I use the Eins again-UH Big Boss, Amorino, and Delight Click N Charge

    Lovehoney: Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls, We-Vibe Touch, and We-Vibe Tango

    Cleis Press: The Back Passage, Blackmail My Love, and She Shifters

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  32. Adam

    From Lelo I’ve kind of wanted to try either the Gigi, Ina or the Mona.

    From SheVibe I’ve had my eye on the Stronic Zwei, the Big Boss G4 and the OVO multi speed rabbits, I like the look of the K1 but they all look pretty spiffy.

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  35. Nancy

    Items I’d like from the sponsors:

    LELO – Luna Beads, Mona 2, Tor 2

    Tantus – Goliath, Cush O2, Bound

    Burlesque – NobEssence Seduction, Icicles 24, Just In Case compact

    Crystal Delights – Spartacus MMXII Torch, Ash Girl, CAC pink

    1. Nancy

      Also, these aren’t sponsors for the specific prizes I want so I’m not sure if I’ll get the entries for them, but nevertheless:

      Fun Factory – Stronic Zwei, The Boss, Bandito

      SheVibe – Dorcel SO, VixSkin Mustang or Johnny, Metal Worx Smooth

      LoveHoney – RockBox Finger, Devil Tongue, Satisfy Me

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  38. denise smith

    i love to have them all but i would choose Lelo Mona 2 or the Tantus Adam O2 (Black) i love to try the doxy or the she vibe there are many great products when it comes to vibes and dildos i have heard alot about the jospen vibes

  39. Mandi

    I want an Eroscillator because they describe it as “powerful, but gentle stimulation.” (I love my Hitachi Magic Wand, but it can be a bit abrasive after a while.) Plus, I find the attachment options very intriguing!

    And now, for extra entries… =)
    Lelo: Smart Wand (large), Siri, & Ina
    Tantus: Cush, Vamp, & Pelt paddle
    SheVibe: VixSkin Mustang, Lust by Jopen L1, RodeoH Harness Briefs
    Fun Factory: I couldn’t get Fun Factory’s website to load for anything, but I want the Stronic Eins, Cobra Libre, & Delight.
    Lovehoney: Doxy, We-Vibe 4 Plus, Njoy Pure Plug
    Cleis Press: Best Sex Writing 2013, The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Strap-On Sex, The Ultimate Guide to Kink
    Burlesque Toy Shop: Key by Jopen Comet 2, Minna Limon, We-Vibe Touch
    Crystal Delights: Jada Stevens Anal Spade Plug, CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Pink Plug, Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug

  40. FriskyGirl

    Lelo: I would love Ora, Alia and Mia 2
    SheVibe: Jimmyjane Form 3, Jimmyjane Form 4 and Minna Limon
    Lovehoney: MiMi by Je Joue, iroha by TENGA Sakura and We-Vibe Tango
    Tantus: Echo, Little Secrets Spoon and John Doe
    Burlesque Toys: Key By Jopen Comet 2, Life Leaf and We Vibe Touch
    Fun Factory: Amorino, Calla and Layaspot
    Cleis Press: Bedded Bliss, The Big Book of Orgasms and Can’t Get Enough
    Eroscillator: I need of a new powerful clitoral vibrator and I have heard so many great things about it!

    Thanks for the chance!

  41. RyleyRed

    Cleis Press: I want Dark Secret Love, Opening Up, and Ultimate Guide to Kink

    Crystal Delights: I want the Crystal Twist Clear Dildo, Crystal Minx Bunny Tail, Crystal CAC Cobalt Plug

    Burlesque Toys: I want the Magic Wand Original, Nobessence Seduction, Lelo Ella

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. cms528

    From burlesquetoyshop I’d definitely have the romp and the Pure Plug (probably the medium). Probably also the Tenga Flip Hole, always wanted to try that.

  43. kenneth sullivan

    my three favorite Crystal delight products:
    1. Crystal Minx Tail Plug because as sexy as she is it would make watching her move even better.
    2. CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Pink Atomic Rose Plug because it can be our little secret under her dress when we go out.
    3. The Spartacus MMXII Glass ‘Torch’ because as hot as the other two are watching her with a plug in place playing with herself with the Spartacus MMXII Glass ‘Torch’ would be enough to send any man or woman over the top

  44. kenneth sullivan

    1. Pure Plug (Medium)for when we make our own fox tail.
    2. Clear Small – Aurora Borealis Crystal for those secret pleasures when we are out.
    3. Romp has a unique look.

  45. kenneth sullivan

    Burlesque Toyshop! favorites ;
    1. Pure Plug (Medium)for when we make our own fox tail.
    2. Clear Small – Aurora Borealis Crystal for those secret pleasures when we are out.
    3. Romp has a unique look.

  46. Pete James

    I would love to own an Eroscillator to treat my wife to amazing clit stimulation. Also, I love the fact that they have lots of different attachments to try. Definitely wouldn’t be bored at all ;p

  47. kenneth sullivan

    Lovehoney!favorites ;
    1. Beyondage Almosta 4Posta Under the Bed Restraint Kit for when you no place to go why not be all tied up and teased and loved.
    2. Marc Dorcel Secret Genius Vibe Remote Control Butt Plug it would go perfect with the Beyondage Almosta 4Posta Under the Bed Restraint Kit with you partner at the controls.
    3. Perfect Fit Medium Tunnel Anal Plug just looks like fun

  48. Darrian S

    I want the Eroscillator because I’ve never seen anything like it before, and if it does what people say it does then hell yeah sign me up!!! I’m up for trying new toys.

  49. Darrian S

    ~ 3 LELO Toys: Smart Wand (Med), the INA 2, and the TOR 2
    ~ 3 Tantus Toys: Hank, the Vamp, and Slow Drive
    ~ 3 SheVibe Toys: Doc Johnson The Realistic Cock, Vitality Vibrator by Leaf, Original Plug In Massager by Bodywand (Midnight)
    ~ 3 Burlesque Toy Shop toys: Cal Exotic Novelties Posh, Doc Johnson Mood Frisky, and Anaconda
    ~ 3 Crystal Delights Toys: Crystal Minx Faux Tail (Grey Wolf), The Spartacus MMXII Glass ‘Torch’, and the Crystal Minx Tail Plug (Canadian Red Fox)
    ~ 3 FunFactory Toys: the BIG BOSS, STRONIC EINS, and the LAYASPOT
    ~ 3 LoveHoney Toys: Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set, Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator, and the Black Jelly Double Dildo 18 Inch
    ~ 3 Cleis Press Books: “Lustfully Ever After”, “Only You”, and “Afternoon Delight”

  50. Sand

    Lelo: Mona, Soraya, Ora.

    The Eroscillator sounds incredible and I like that the reviews are good.

    Tantus: Black Widow Connoisseur Harness, Cush O2 & Splash

    SheVibe: Corkscrew Glass Dildo by Fucking Sculptures – Green, Small, G-Spoon Glass G-Spot Dildo by Fucking Sculptures – Medium, Dark Green & Hooded Nun Glass Dildo by Fucking Sculptures – Medium, White

    Burlesque Toy Shop: Key By Jopen Comet 2, nJoy Fun Wand & Njoy Pure Wand

    Crystal Delights: Ash Hollywood’s ‘The Ash Girl’ Harnessable Dildo, The “New” Crystal Twist™ & The Spartacus MMXII Glass ‘Torch’


    LoveHoney: We-Vibe 4, FiFi by Je Joue & Jimmyjane FORM 2

    Cleis Press: Wrapped Around Your Finger, Dark Secret Love & The Delicious Torment.

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  52. BlackAsphodel

    Eroscillator: I like that it’s quiet and has multiple attachments.
    Tantusinc: Ryder, Neo, Hoss
    SheVibe: Spartacus Y-Style Vibrating Tweezer Clamps, Bettie Page Wild ‘N’ Willing Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs, Pretty Plugs – Clear Crystal And Stainless Steel Anal Toy
    Burlesque Toyshop: Magic Wand Original, Njoy Pure Wand, Romp
    Crystaldelights: Black Crystal Minx Tail Plug, Black Crystal Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug, Crystal Delight Short Stem-Small Bulb Plug in Clear or Blue
    Fun Factory: Stronic Drei, Bandito, Amor
    Lovehoney: Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 6 Inch Ballsy Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup, Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 8 Inch Ballsy Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup, Hoodlum Double Penetration Realistic Double Dildo 19 Inch
    CleisPress: Beautiful Boys Gay Erotic Stories, Best Gay Bondage Erotica, The Low Road

  53. Sheep

    Lelo: Luna Beads, Mia, and Mona 2!
    Tantus: Cush O2, The Vamp, Splash
    Shevibe: Tango, Fascinator Throe in Buckwheat, and a Tie-Bright Mustang. Yea
    Burlesque Toys: Romp, Touch, and Spareparts’ Joque!
    Cleis Press: Anythin by Taormino

  54. Addie

    After checking out the Eroscillator, I must say that it is one of the most inventive and unique vibrators I’ve ever seen. It kind of reminds me of an electric toothbrush, just super fancy. I would want one because of it’s unique quality and because of the diversity of the accessories. I feel like if one attachment doesn’t agree with someone’s body, there are plenty other choices for consumers to use to find their perfect match.

    Thanks again for the giveaway! GREAT blog! 🙂

  55. Pete James

    For SheVibe the 3 are:

    1. Roto-Bator Pussy – Powerful Rotating Male Masturbator by Pipedream Extreme Toyz
    2. Flurry O2 Dildo By Tantus
    3. Njoy Fun Wand Double Ended Steel Dildo

    For BurlesqueToyShop the 3 are:

    1. Njoy Pure Wand
    2. We Vibe Tango
    3. Tenga 3D POLYGON

  56. Kaylee

    From Tantus: Max o2, Hank, and Luke o2
    From SheVibe: OhMiBod blueMotion [!!!], Je Joue MiMi Soft, any Fun Factory Stronic =)
    From Burlesque: Luna Beads, WeVibe Tango, Fun Factory Big Boss
    From Crystal Delights: Ash Girl, Crystal Twist, Short Stem-Small Bulb Pink Atomic Rose Plug
    From Fun Factory: Any Stronic, Smartballs, Big Boss
    From Lovehoney: Any Fun Factory Stronic [heh], Je Joue MiMi Soft, Fun Factory Smartballs
    From Cleis Press: Opening Up, Sensuous Magic, Open For Business
    And I would love an Eroscillator because I have read so so praise about it =D

  57. Colleen Boudreau

    From She Vibe I like the Magic Wand Vibrator – The Original Magic Wand, Fun Factory Stronic One Pulsator – Hot Pink. and the Jopen Key Comet G Spot Wand.

  58. Colleen Boudreau

    From Lovehoney I like the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator, Lovehoney Slimline Silicone Oh! Rabbit Vibrator. and the Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Set.

  59. Colleen Boudreau

    From the Burlesque Toyshop I like the Black Organza Tutu, Shiny Stretch Pinstripe 4-Piece Lingerie Set, Kissable Shimmer Body Powder – Aphrodisia.

  60. Emma

    For LELO: hula beads, ora, smart wand (large)
    I have the eroscillator and love it, but if I didn’t have one, I’d want it because it has unique oscillating movements 🙂
    For Tantus: I want Rocket, Comet, and Mikey O2
    For SheVibe: I want BS Atelier latte dildo, Happy valley tango, rodeoh crotchless lace harness
    For Burlesque Toys: tenga polygon, fun wand, tenga flip hole
    Fro Crystal Delights: rainbow pastel pony tail, star delight, spade plug
    For Fun Factory: stronic drei, pearly, boosty
    For Lovehoney: sqwheel 2, satisfy me dildo, satisfy me curve dildo
    For CleisPress: Big book of orgasms, Wrapped Around Your Finger, and sticky fingers

  61. lesserunknown

    The online shops I’m most lusting after stuff from:

    SheVibe: Njoy Pure Plug 2.0, Jopen Comet, Fun Factory Cobra Libre

    Tantus: Raptor XL, the new Perfect Plug, Cush

    Fun Factory: Stronic Eins, B-Balls, BendyBeads

    Burlesque Toyshop: Eroscillator, Lelo Mona, We-Vibe Tango

  62. Mist

    I’ve wanted an Eroscillator since I first heard of it. I want to feel for myself just how deep these oscillations go, as most vibrators are too weak for me, or too on-the-surface. I’m actually really close to giving up on them entirely, since my hand typically ends up finishing the job (better and faster, to boot). Deep vibes is also why I want a Mona 2! Hear great things about that toy as well.

    From Lelo, I want a Mona 2, Luna Beads, and Ella.

    Oh gosh. I want a lot of things from She-Vibe… I suppose the top three would be: VixSkin Maverick, Gray Alex Noise Dildo by BS, and Fun Factory Share XL.

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  66. Wren

    I forgot to add these to the original post so I’ll add them now.

    My three most wanted toys from Burlesque Toyshop are the Njoy Pure Plug (medium), the We Vibe Tango and Fun Factory Bendy Beads.

    My three most wanted toys from Crystal Delights are the Jada Stevens Anal Spade Plug, CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Cobalt Plug and Short Stem-Small Bulb Plug with an Ultra Blue crystal (I’d go for their tail plugs if the tails were removable for easier cleaning).

    My three most wanted toys from Fun Factory are the Stronic Drei, Stronic Zwei and Amor.

    My three most wanted toys from Lovehoney are the Icicles No 40 Realistic Glass Dildo, Glassvibrations Textured Devil Tongue Glass Dildo and Vixen Tex.

    My three most wanted books from Cleis Press are Cover Him with Darkness: A Romance, Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica and The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica.

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  68. Gari

    From Lelo: Mona, a smart wand, Olga (because everyone needs a 24k dildo)
    From Lovehoney: Stronic Eins, We-vibe tango, njoy pure wand
    From Shevibe: Key by Jopen Comet 2 Vibrating G-Spot Wand – Blue, VixSkin Mustang Silicone Dildo By Vixen – Tie-Bright,SpareParts Joque Harness

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  72. Pete James

    From Crystal Delights:
    1. Jada Stevens Anal Spade Plug
    2. The “New” Crystal Twist™ Color Dildo
    3. CAC Short Stem-Small Bulb Cobalt Plug

    From FunFactory:
    1. Cobra Libre II
    2. Stronica Drei
    3. The Boss Stub

  73. B Money

    I’ve wanted the Mona 2 for some time now. My wife has her eye on Gigi 2 and let’s just say that Bo and I would get along just fine. 🙂

  74. B Money

    I wish I had paid more attention. I would have wrapped everything up in one post.

    For Tantus – Wife and I have Mark o2 already. Love him. I’d be excited about moving “up” to Adam. Their new perfect plug is super intriguing and I’ve read lots of good things Cush O2.

    Eroscillator – My wife says that she’s not really that into vibrations. From the scads of reviewers who sing (and moan) the praises of this nifty little toy she was pretty intrigued. When you have, as my wife says, women with “boss vaginas” screaming in pleasure you have to sit up and take notice of a toy.

    Fun Factory was one of the few stores/manufacturers that I didn’t already have a super wish list planned out. The Bootie is the only one that I knew of and wanted (handy that you are giving one away) so that’s on the list. The “Share” looks smooth … and fun … a LOT of fun. 🙂 And let’s just throw the “Big Boss” on there since I’ve heard that it will make your teeth rattle.

    Cleis Press – Sheesh. Anything by Tristan Taorimino. “Opening Up” and “50 Shades of Kink” to the top of the list. Also, Charlie Glickman’s ultimate prostate pleasure book has to get on my list too. 🙂

  75. Raine

    If I could pick 3 things from the Burlesque Toy Shop then I’d definitely choose the Key by Jopen Comet 2, the nJoy pure wand, and the NobEssence Romp!

  76. Midge

    K, so:

    Lelo: Mona, Liv, and Elise

    Lovehoney: Violet Wand, L’amourose Rouge, and probably the super fancy mega Electra Stim kit. The EM140, that’s it.

    I checked out Eroscillators site, but it scares me, so, I’m good!

    Burlesque Toyshop is cute! I’d have to say Lelo Ella, nJoy Pure Wand, and the Tantus Snap Strap. Because Tantus.

    Which brings me to Tantus…. Does ”everything” count?! But, no: Neo, Curve, and Flex float my boat. Or any of the vibes in exciting colors c:

    Crystal delights is cute, and I love glass, but it’s a bit girlysparkly for me, so I don’t have a list. Have a few people I’d get the Hello Kitty plugs for though….

    Same drill with Cleis Press. I like to write erotic and sex related material. I’m not so fussed on the reading end.

    She Vibe is an amazing site! Love the art c: Their Liberator range is ace, esp the ramp and the ramp/wedge combos, as well as the lockable toy case in lilac, if they had it in a large!

    Fun Factory are my newfound love anyway, so I have to say Stronic Einz, Bootie, and Amor Stub. I have a share and b balls, and they are the bomb!

  77. Pete James

    From Lovehoney:
    1. Flight by Fleshlight
    2. Lovehoney Lifelike Realistic 6 inch dildo
    3. Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat

    From Cleis Press:
    1. 50 Shades of Kink
    An Introduction to BDSM – Tristan Taormino
    2. Never Say Never
    Tips, Tricks and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers – Alison Tyler
    3. The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn – Violet Blue

  78. Myra

    The Eroscillator looks so intriguing if not a tad scary XD Very eager to try on not only myself but my fiance 😉

    Tantus: P-Spot, Twist, Feeldoe® More

    SheVibe: Double Joyful Pleasure Glass Dildo by Joyful Pleasure, Fetish Fantasy Elite 7″ Penetrix Dildo, Fetish Fantasy Elite Double Delight Strap-On

    Burlesque Toy Shop: Pure Plug (Large), Pineapple – Pink Crystal, Sportsheets Red Lace Corset Strap On

    Crystal Delights: Crystal Minx Tail Plug, The “New” Crystal Twist™ Color Dildo, Crystal Minx Bunny Tail Plug


    Love Honey: Bondage Boutique Soft Cotton Shibari Rope 10 Meter, Alabama Adjustable Tension Nipple Clamps, Bondage Boutique Advanced Wide Leather Paddle with Studs

    Cleis Press: Best Gay Erotica 2014, Best Bondage Erotica 2014, Entertainment for a Master

  79. Teal Valentine

    I’d absolutely love to get my hands on an Eroscillator because the soft tip attachment looks like it would hug and stroke my clit into orgasm. Sadly I live in the UK so I can’t get one 🙁

    From Tantus I’d like Comet, Bound and Curve.

    From SheVibe I want MONA! Nothing else, just Mona. Same with Lovehoney and Burlesque Toyshop. Please let me win a Mona 2 😀

  80. Erika

    Lelo: I’d love a Mona 2, Mia 2, and Luna Beads

    Eroscillator: I’ve heard amaaazing things

    Tantus: Cush O2, Splash, Sport

    SheVibe: Lelo Mona 2, Jopen Comet G-Spot Wand, We-Vibe Touch

    Burlesque Toy Shop: Leaf Life, We-Vibe Tango, NobEssence Seduction

    Crystal Delights: Crystal Twist, The Ash Girl, Torch

    Fun Factory: Stronic Eins, Big Boss, Stronis Zwei

    Lovehoney: We-Vibe Touch, OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle, njoy Pure Wand

    Cleis Press: Penthouse Variations on Oral, The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica, The Big Book of Submission

  81. Fodra

    Uh, to start off, my phone glitched while I was trying to enter for the BS Sport and I think I only entered for the eroscillator. Is it possible you could fix that? I’ll settle for only entering for those 2.

    As for entries, I’d like the eroscillator because the idea of it intrigues me. I have a hard time reaching orgasm, so any help would be great. Also, it looks like a steampunk toothbrush, and I can’t pass that up.

    As for SheVibe, well, I have a a massive wishlist there, so narrowing it to just three is pretty hard. I’d say a Wevibe Tango, a Happy Valley Tango, and a Vixen Mistress vibe, the turquoise one.

  82. Britt In Toyland

    Oh man, I can only choose three items from each site?!


    Lelo: Mona 2, Liv 2, Hula Beads
    Tantus: Neo, Juice, and the Raptor
    SheVibe: Pure Wand, Ramp/Wedge combo, B Balls
    Fun Factory: The Boss stub, Stronic Drei, G4 Tiger
    Burlesque Toyshop: Leaf life, minna limon, Tantus Anaconda
    Crystal Delights: Crystal Twist dildo, frosted plug, short stem plug
    LoveHoney: Cobra Libre II, Tenga Fliphole, Sqweel
    Cleis Press: Anything For You, Bound For Trouble, Girls On Top

    I want an Eroscillator because it can deliver a sensation no other vibrator can. I’m really curious about it!

  83. Lexi

    From Tantus: a peacock Duke, Raptor XL and the pelt paddle.
    From Shevibe: Happy Valley Hottie Xtra, we-vibe tango and jopen comet wand
    From Lovehoney: njoy medium pure plug, vixen vixskin mustang and lelo mini luna beads
    From crystaldelights: pineapple delight plug, Jada Stevens Anal Spade Plug and crystal minx tail plug in black
    From funfactory: B balls, share and stronic eins
    From cleispress: Bare Assed, Caught Looking and She’s On Top
    From burlesquetoyshop: Romp, we-vibe touch and njoy pure wand

  84. dv8

    I want an Eroscillator because it’s the toy of choice for the women I know who use it.

    My 3 picks from the various websites:
    Lelo: Mona 2, Tor, Inez

    Tantus: Amsterdam, T-Rex, Splash

    Shevibe: Stronic Drei, Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo, Vamp Carina Softskin

    Burlesque Toyshop: We Vibe Tango, Lelo Mona 2, We Vibe 4
    Crystal Delights: Crystal Twist Color, Jada Stevens Anal Spade Plug, Crystal Delight Kitty Medallion Pink Plug

    Fun Factory: Stronic Eins, Stronic Zwei, Stronic Drei

    Lovehoney: We Vibe 4, Vixen Mustang, Vixen Maverick

    Cleis Press: In Sleeping Beauty’s Bed , Best Bondage Erotica, Best Bisexual Women’s Erotica

  85. B

    Total newbie to your blog and to toys, so checking out the sites has been somewhat educational. Thanks for a great giveaway.

    Lelo: Mona2, Gigi2, Ida

    SheVibe: WeVibe3, Moka G-Vibe Pico Bong, Icicles No. 4

    Fun Factory: Sonic, STRONIC EINS, LAYASPOT

    Eroscillator: I’ll be honest, as a newbie, the pics of this sort of scare me, but I am certainly willing to try it.

    Tantus: Slow Drive, Sport, G Force

    Burlesque Toy Shop: Key by Jopen2, Lelo Luna Beads, WeVibe Touch

    Crystal Delights: Thinking this site might be a bit too advanced for me at this point, but I did check out the site.

    Love Honey: OhMiBod Cuddle USB Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator, Lelo Mia2, Je Joue Fifi

    Cleis Press: Erotic Fantasies for Couples , The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot, 2nd Edition , The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys

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