5 of My Favorite Moments from CatalystCon

I’ve already told you about some of the serious stuff- like the dildo related panels and others…but lots of other fun stuff happened at Catalyst! These were a few of my favorite moments:

1-      The Opening Dinner & Keynote– Experiencing the excitement and energy in the Grand Ballroom  with my new friends Beatnik du Jour, Dirty Lola, & LTtits, and listening to the incredibly inspiring Keynote speakers Jackie Strano, Shira Tarrant, Sinnamon Love, Yoseñio V. Lewis, and Tristan Taormino was the perfect way to start the convention!

2-      Hugs from Danny Wylde– Danny gives really awesome hugs, y’all. Also, I snagged a quick picture with him!


3-      When Tristan Taormino said she likes my butt! – After the Feminist Porn panel, I had my Feminist Porn Book signed by the panelists, and when I introduced myself to Tristan as Penny she said, “Oh, you’re Penny with the butt on Twitter!” Enough said.


4-      Bawdy Storytelling– I’ve seen sex related performances before, but I’ve never been to a show where I was so completely enthralled with every single performer! (@gramponante, @CharlieNox@ashleymanta, @QueerieBradshaw@Daneballard@Sexquire@cunningminx, & @TristanTaormino) I laughed until it hurt, I (almost) cried, and I witnessed Tristan Taormino sharing an amazing personal story publicly for the first time!




5-      Blogger Bonding/Sex Toy Orgy– Saturday night I bonded with Epiphora, Aerie, and Queerashino Cherry. There was story-telling, wine drinking, and of course, vibrator loving! Also, now that I’ve felt the Mona2, I need one in my life!



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