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To shave or not to shave?

BushPhoto of me by Steve DeMent Photography

Lately, I am all about bushes. I like the way mine looks, I like how they look on others, and I like the idea of them in general. Sexually, I love the way it captures my scent, and I enjoy having it played with and tugged on. I also like that it’s lower maintenance, and I often twirl it around absentmindedly, as if it were a beard. It makes me feel sexual, feminine, wild, natural, and free.

I must admit though, that my love of bushes is only a recent development. Up until last year, I was completely bare ever since I was 16, with the exception of a few days of stubble or letting it grow long enough to wax it all off. I never even thought to try a bush until Jake suggested that I grow one out to see how it looks. Although it felt a little weird at first, I liked the way it looked, if anything because it was so different, but also for the reasons I mentioned above. And now that a bush or at least some sort of style of hair has been my norm for about a year, I’ve been thinking a lot about my previous (mostly negative) attitudes toward pubic hair and why I always felt the need to shave before.

Some of the main theories explaining the popularity of going bare and brazilian waxing in the US are porn and Playboy, bathing suits and bikinis, wanting a “clean” look, an obsession with  trying to look young, or pressure from men who supposedly have little girl fetishes.

While I can see how porn can cause pressure to look a certain way, in my case it wasn’t a factor in my decision to start shaving, since at that time I didn’t watch porn or read adult magazines.  My early shaving days began with not wanting anything to show in a bathing suit, and I started with just my bikini line. For awhile this was enough, until I had my first steamy, semi-sexual make-out session with my boyfriend. We didn’t actually “go very far,” but when his hands roamed down over my panties, I remember thinking that I didn’t want him to see my hair, and I shaved it all off shortly after.

As far as the pressure to look young, that didn’t affect my early attitudes either, as I always wanted to look older, not younger, and I associated waxing with being mature. However, I did associate hairlessness with femininity starting at a very early age. I started shaving my armpits as soon as I started getting hair there in 4th grade because my girlfriend Jessica did, and she was one of those girls who was so outgoing, sure of herself, and “cool,” Shortly after, I began shaving my legs in 5th grade, after watching my babysitter’s teenage daughter sitting by the TV with a bowl of water, a razor, and some shaving cream. Looking back, starting to shave at age 9 or 10 seems very young (and most of my friends didn’t shave yet at the time), but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the norm now, as young girls seem to look more and more “mature” at a young age nowadays.

Once I began removing my pubic hair in High School, the idea that shaving or waxing, not bushes, was the way to look sexy was reinforced by my friends, as well as my cool college student nanny, who told me about how she paid a lot and went to many sessions to go get laser hair removal. She was one of my biggest role models at the time, and I never really thought to question why hair was something women needed to remove so badly; it all just seemed normal and the thing to do. I also remember seeing my Mom’s huge, untamed bush, and thinking that it was weird, and that she must not care about looking “sexy.” We didn’t really discuss sexuality openly since I was raised Catholic, so I never thought to ask her about pubic hair, what was normal or not, or anything like that.

In my case, going bare was a result of a mix of things but mainly the idea that shaving was feminine and sexy and the influence from friends or women I looked up to. I can only imagine the pressure for young girls in today’s society to shave, since now they have the added ease of access to porn, as well as the examples of pop culture, like Sex and the City and celebrities who promote Brazilian waxing. Although I think whether or not you shave should be up to you, I don’t think this pressure to look a certain way or to feel the need to shave to be sexy is healthy or natural. Another big issue is pressure solely from partners, which isn’t positive or healthy either if it’s not what you want.

So, what is the solution then? I know for me and many others it’s talking and thinking critically about society’s beauty standards, such as pressure to shave, as well as celebrating pubic hair by growing bushes and showing them off proudly in erotic photos. There has also been a resurgence of bushes and pubic styles in some porn as well as in fetish scenes, and many people think bushes are cool and “retro” looking now. I think this new variety and deviation from the standard is awesome, and I wonder if having a bush may even soon be the norm again. Trends come and go though, and I hope that women will take away the idea of self acceptance and choosing whatever is comfortable for them from this movement, rather than the idea of growing a bush just to be cool, to be different, or because someone on TV or their favorite porn start did it.

For others though, the answer to battling societal pressure to shave is to judge and vilify shaving and women who do it. I’ve heard a lot of comments that feminists don’t wax (or shouldn’t), that women only shave to satisfy their partner’s unhealthy obsession with looking pre-pubescent, and that shaving it all is gross and unnatural. I often hear bush comments at Bedpost Confessions, such as “I don’t shave because I don’t feel the need to look like a 12 year old girl.” This whole attitude really bothers me.

I understand that many women feel pressure to remove hair and that it may be “feminist” to have a bush instead, but pushing women to look any certain way isn’t helping, it’s just doing the same thing that patriarchal society is: telling people what they should or shouldn’t do to their bodies. It’s also presumptuous to judge people by their grooming habits and assume they’re doing it for certain reasons like to satisfy partners or to look like porn stars. Everyone has different sexual preferences, and if you think going bare is gross because it looks child-like, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t assume that everyone who shaves does it for that reason, and there’s no need for judging, condescending comments towards others’ personal choices.

For example, what about men who shave? Are they doing it because of societal, patriarchal pressure? Maybe some are, but many people do it because they like the clean, smooth feel and aesthetic. It is important to point out that shaving isn’t actually “cleaner” and can cause ingrown hair, infections, and may even make you more vulnerable to STIs, but still, my point is that many people do it for themselves, not to satisfy a partner or look like a porn star, and you should do whatever feels comfortable for you. Of course I do think it’s imperative to think critically about your own attitudes though and how they may be influenced by society, but ultimately it’s your personal decision and preference.

As free as I feel to have a huge, wild bush now, I will probably shave it all off again at some point. I like the way my vulva looks and feels in all sorts of ways now, with a bush, with a strip, bare, whatever; it’s just another hairstyle. And if I do shave it all off again, it’s definitely not going to be because my boyfriend is pressuring me to do so or to look young, it will be because I want to.

The most crucial thing to me in the topic of pubic hair (as well as other sexual and personal choices) is acceptance of diversity. I think it’s awesome to celebrate bushes and natural styles, but more importantly I think everyone should celebrate whatever option they chose and the personal power to do so. Open discussion of sexuality and societal pressure is critical, especially among teens and young adults, but I think we should stress that any choice is fine, not that you shouldn’t shave because it’s just subscribing to the norm, or that you should because it’s “sexier” or better.

Personally, I think all styles can be sexy, and I like this comment that Jake said when I asked him about his preference: “I don’t care if there’s hair or not, I’m just excited to see a vulva!”


This image is from a shoot I did last week with one of my favorite photographers, Steve DeMent. Steve creates beautiful pinup, glamour, and commercial fashion images, and I’ve met him a few times at local burlesque shows. I was a little nervous before the shoot, since I hadn’t done one in awhile, and I was shooting with someone whose work I greatly admire, but I had a great time. Steve is professional, respectful, very easy to work with, and a genuinely nice, fun guy.

I’m extremely happy with the images we created, and I feel this one exemplifies something I’ve been seeking lately: appreciating beauty in things, without asking for more. Instead of explaining exactly what I mean by this, I’ll leave you with the image instead, and you can interpret it how you wish…





1st Blogiversary

Inspired by Mia Lee’s* post “Happy Birthday Mia,” I’ve decided to share some of the highlights of my first year of blogging since today is my blog’s first birthday, aka my first blogiversary.

After constantly telling my coworkers at the sex shop that I wanted to start my own sex blog, I finally sat down and created a free site on Blogger and published my first post, “Meant for Each Other: For Silicone Lovers,” a tip about certain brands of silicone toys and lubricants that can be used together.

My next post about the Tenga Egg Masturbator Sleeve was my first sex toy review, which led me to come across Kit O’Connell’s blog Approximately 8,000 words. Since then, Kit has been an inspiration to me, and when I moved from my free Blogger site to self hosting, he even let me pick his brain about WordPress over coffee.

Some of my other early posts include a poem about the first time I kissed a girl, my number one female celeb fantasy, vintage vibrator ads, and my thoughts on watching porn.

Although I wasn’t initially sure if I wanted to share photos on my blog or stay completely anonymous, the exhibitionist in me came out quickly, and I posted my first image.

Believe it or not, I only recently posted my first erotic story, A Rough Morning. I’d written a few before but never shared them, and I’ve felt more comfortable with poetry since I studied it in college, but I’m glad I took the leap since I had an overwhelmingly positive response, and I look forward to writing and sharing more erotica.

As far as sex goes, the accomplishment I’m most proud of over the past year was squirting for the first time. The experience left me wet, invigorated, and literally jumping up and down afterwards. I also finally had my first truly pleasurable experience with anal sex, thanks to a book, some toys, and approaching the whole thing differently.

And now for your favorites…

My most popular search term is still “my first squirt,” and my most popular blog post is “My Feminine Fountain is Finally Flowing,” which is awesome since it’s one of my favorite posts as well.

Some of my other most popular posts this year were my Lelo Luna Beads and Hitachi reviews, my sexy foot poem, my reflection on my abstinence only sex education, my guide to safe sex toys, my post about meeting my hero Deborah Sundahl, and my erotic story Dirty Talk, which is especially impressive considering I only posted it less than a month ago.

pennysblog_herekittyMy most popular photo is the first one I posted for Wanton Wednesday and was the header photo for e[lust]#33, Here Kitty.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with my blog over the past year, and I look forward to another year of writing, photography, and of course, dirty thoughts and lots of sex!


*By the way, if you haven’t read any of Mia’s sexy stories yet, go ahead and join her down the rabbit hole, you won’t be disappointed.

Four Years

Four years ago today, Jake and I met at Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza. My friend and I were at 6th Street for her birthday, and after a few shots she told me she hadn’t eaten all day. Hoping to avoid her getting sick, I suggested we get pizza before hitting any other spots, and the guy behind the bar recommended Hoek’s Pizza. We’d never been there before, but it was close, and that was all that mattered. When we arrived, Jake was working by himself and served us slices. Everything about him attracted me immediately; his strong arms beneath his white v-neck t-shirt, his curly blonde hair and black bandanna, but mostly his confident, self assured demeanor.

The next thing I knew, I was asking him if he had a girlfriend, and when he said no, I scribbled my name and number onto a big white napkin and slid it across the counter. Neither of us could have ever imagined that we would end up dating, falling in love, moving in together, and celebrating our fourth anniversary today. Jake later told me that he saw my friend and me walking past Hoek’s again later that night and thought I wasn’t actually interested since we were with other guys (they were just acquaintances of my friend that we ran into.) I was amazed that he actually texted me that night; I vividly remember lying in bed, wondering if I would see the cute pizza guy again.

Like anyone, Jake and I have been through amazing, blissful times as well as dark, difficult ones. But the best thing about our relationship, and the thing that matters most, is that we constantly become closer, we grow together, and our bond always gets stronger, even after the hard times. Before I get too mushy on yall, I’ll end with this—Jake is my best friend as well as the best lover I’ve ever had, and I’m so grateful that we met at Hoek’s four years ago.

And since it wouldn’t be Sinful Sunday without a little sin…

Here’s my ass on a Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza box 😉

Sinful Sunday

Music and Love, Forever.

This week’s Sinful Sunday is a competition based on the theme:

“If music be the food of love, play on.” ~ William Shakespeare

Music has always been an important part of Jake and I’s relationship. For one of our first dates, he took me out with his friends to see The Sword at Stubbs. We both love many different genres from Metal to Motown and constantly have music blasting in our apartment no matter what we’re doing.

Last year Jake wanted to get a pinup tattoo, and since I’ve done some pinup modeling and already had some images he liked, he decided to get a tattoo of me. Neither of us are into realistic portraits, so he had the artist draw up a Sailor Jerry version of an image of me as a pinup girl holding a record. Both of us love the way it turned it.

I love tattoos on guys, I love the vintage style pinup girl, and I love that it was inspired by me. Most of all, I love when his strong hands touch me, sometimes gently and sometimes roughly and passionately. And now when he’s busy between my legs, I get a glimpse of the tattoo, and it drives me crazy. Jake sure does know how to play me 🙂

I snapped this photo yesterday for Sinful Sunday intending to get his tattoo in the image, but I ended up with a bonus addition to the theme, since my tattoo is the Red Hot Chili Pepper symbol.

Sinful Sunday

Working on the Deck

Today Jake was working on the deck on our balcony, and I couldn’t help but admire his skills, his tools, and of course his sexy ass hanging out of his Levi cutoffs.

I snapped this picture and a few others while he was working, and then got bored and tried on his tool belt. At some point he told me to stay on the balcony and hand him posts as he was working from ground level, but I was too busy taking pictures of myself and forgot about his instructions. Or maybe I ignored them, hoping for a spanking when he found me 😉

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