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Review: Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Set


Tracey Cox Toner Balls

I have a confession, y’all. I’ve been slacking on using kegel balls. It’s part laziness, park forgetfulness, and part me thinking that my vag is probably pretty strong from clenching around sex toys. But kegel health is important! And if there’s one body part I want to be strong, it’s my PC muscles. I need to be able to crush skulls with my vaginal canal…and squeeze around dildos harder, of course.

So I mostly wanted to try out the Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Set to remind myself to do more kegels, and it worked!

The Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Set comes with a single kegel ball and double kegel balls that are made of body safe silicone and hard plastic, and they feature balls with weights inside that move around and a stretchy silicone retrieval cord. The single ball is a little over 2″ long and 1.5″ wide, and the double set is about 4.5″ long and 1.5″ wide. While you can’t switch out weights like you can with the Luna Beads, you can start with the single ball (39g) and move up to the heavier double balls (78g) when you feel ready. (Comparatively, Luna Beads weigh between 28-74g.) I started with the double balls and had no problem holding them in.

When I wear the Toner Balls, they feel similar to the Luna Beads. They’re not quite as jiggly, but I can feel the balls’ subtle movement as I walk and move around. They’re fairly big for kegel balls, so I can always feel them, and they remind me to squeeze and exercise my PC muscles. They’re also really comfortable, and I’ve worn them for hours while out and about without any problems. The double balls are heavier and more stimulating, but I can feel the single ball by itself as well.

Although the fact that you can’t switch out the balls means they aren’t quite as versatile as the Luna Beads, I like that the Toner Balls aren’t in a holster. I use the blue beads on my Luna Beads anyways, so the holster is somewhat superfluous, and vag gunk loves to congregate around where the holster meets the balls.

I also like that the retrieval cord is made of soft flexible silicone because it’s easy to tuck out of the way, and it doesn’t poke at my vulva.  I’ve heard of a few people who have issues with the stiffer Luna Beads cord irritating their urethra, so a soft silicone cord should eliminate that problem. The cord is odd when I’m naked though–it feels like I have an antenna coming out of my vag. I’ve heard that the cord’s stretchiness can be an issue, but I haven’t had any problems with it. I just do a sort of gentle tug, tug to get them out, so I don’t stretch the cord too much.


Toner Balls vs. Luna Beads Original & Noir

The only issue I have with the Toner Balls is the hard plastic circles on the balls. They don’t seem to serve any purpose, and although I haven’t noticed any vag gunk collecting there, there are tiny ridges that could potentially hold bacteria etc. I also wish they came in other color options besides Generic Sex Toy Pink.

Although they aren’t really orgasmic toys, kegel balls are awesome because your muscles have to work to hold them in as you move and walk around, so if you wear them while you’re active, you’re getting a workout without any actual effort. It’s kind of like sitting and watching a workout video in your sweats with a glass of wine…except it actually works!

Simple and effective, the Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls are a solid set of kegel balls, and for $26.99 for just the double beads or $35 for the whole set, they’re a great deal. If you don’t care about switching out weights and feel ready for heavy balls, I’d go with just the Toner Balls. If you want to work your way up to more weight, I’d get the the Toner Balls Set since they have more of a weight range. You could also get the single ball for $16.99 by itself, but I’d recommend getting the set because you’ll probably want to move up weights after a while. If you want a more gradual weight progression set, get the Luna Beads. If the Toner Balls look too big for you, the Luna Beads Mini/Noir are also good options, though I prefer bigger balls so I can feel them when I wear them.

*UK readers: the Toner Balls are available here & the Set here!

Thanks, Lovehoney!

**Post updated 11/6 from the Toner Balls to the Toner Set (Lovehoney sent me the single ball as well.)

Review: Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug

I thought I’d have no problem getting the Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug in–with 3 insertable inches, it’s shorter than other things I’ve put in my butt, and although its 5.75″ circumference is a step up from the 5.25″ of the Ryder ((one of my larger plugs)), an extra half an inch didn’t seem like a huge deal. Boy was I wrong.

The Sensual Glass Plug is easy enough to insert at first, with a smooth, tapered tip…until I get to the widest part. Since the plug doesn’t taper back down like a lot of others do, my butt won’t suck it in, and it just floats there like a buoy. If Jake is around, I ask “IS IT IN?” and he says “yea…pretty much!” encouragingly. Except pretty much means it isn’t actually in, and it bobs right back out with a simple squeeze of my PC muscles or a shift to grab more lube.

Every time I tried to push the plug in past that point, the glass jabbed at my ass painfully. Still, I persevered.

I had faith in the power of my butt.

Ryder, Romp, Sensual Glass Plug, Atomic Rose Plug, Bootie

Ryder, Romp, Sensual Glass Plug, Atomic Rose Plug, Bootie

I tried warming up with smaller plugs. I tried Sassy ((one of my fave lubes–it’s thick and ideal for anal play)). I tried silicone. I tried mixing Sassy and silicone. I breathed deeply. I was one with my hole. I pampered my clit as I whispered sweet nothings to my butt. I tried warming up with cunnilingus and g-spot stimulation, and yet, I still couldn’t get it in.

I was about ready to give up and accept my butt hole failure, when I decided to try one last time. And when I used Bootie, Romp, baby Jesus, and Ryder, and it still wouldn’t go in, I got the idea of trying something else glass in my butt to get it used to the hardness. I grabbed my Icicles No. 21, put a condom over it, and used it to thrust gently until I felt Ready For The Plug.

And then something miraculous happened…I did it! The pride I felt in my butt was overwhelming. This must be what motherhood feels like, I thought. I immediately texted at least 3 friends: IT’S IN!!!

I finally warmed up my butt enough that the widest point didn’t hurt, and my butt sucked up that plug like a glass of sweet lemonade. And once it was in, it stayed in securely and felt delicious upon removal, especially since I synchronized it with an Eros orgasm.

Still, I can’t wear the Sensual Glass Plug around like I would others since I’m afraid it will hurt to take out if I leave it in too long. I also can’t use it during partner sex or with dildos because its hard glass fills me up, and I can barely get a finger in my vag when it’s in much less a penis.

And since anal thrusting actually warms me up for the plug and not vice versa, I probably won’t use it much unless I decide I want to move on to conquering even larger butt toys. Who knows, maybe someday this plug will seem like a tiny bloop on my ass’s radar. But until then, it has limited use for me.


All the toys it took to get it in

The moral of the story here is that the Sensual Glass Plug is definitely not a beginner’s plug…and I’d hesitate to even call it an Intermediate plug. It doesn’t look that big, but because of its hardness and shape, it can be quite difficult to insert and can potentially cause a lot of pain.

But if you’re an Intermediate/Advanced anal player, the Lovehoney Sensual Glass plug is a great deal at only $30 for a high quality Pyrex plug, and since its base portion has some girth, it can be used to warm up the sphincter for larger toys. Since it’s glass it’s non-porous and hygienic, and you can use any type of lube with it. It also comes with a purple velvet drawstring storage bag.

Just beware– if your butt isn’t ready, the Sensual Glass Plug will quite literally be a pain in your ass.

*Thanks Lovehoney!

Review: Bettie Page Collar Me Set

pennysblog_collarme1Bettie Page goodies…will I ever have enough? The latest item I’ve added to my collection is the Bettie Page Collar Me set.

Like the Spanking Bat & Cuffs, the Bettie Page Bondage Collar & Leash set is part of a collection of chic kink products made by Lovehoney for fans of Bettie Page and retro style. The Collar Me set features a collar & leash made of black faux leather with a 27″ connector chain. Similar to Bettie Cuffs, the collar closes with a buckle and is adjustable (13-17″ with 7 holes,) with an easy release clip that connects the leash to an O-ring on the collar. As with the other Bettie items, the Collar Me set comes with a bonus collector playing card & keychain.

One thing I noticed when inspecting the collar is that collar’s faux leather doesn’t quite match the leash part/cuffs/spanking bat (it’s slightly less textured.) When I brought it up to Lovehoney they pointed out that with all materials there’s a possibility of variations between cuts and that makes the items more unique. It’s a subtle difference, but it’s worth mentioning.

pennysblog_collarme2In use, the collar is light and comfortable with soft velvet lining, and I can wear it for long periods of time and forget it’s there. It’s also fairly easy to put on by myself (the hardest part is threading the extra material through the loop.) It’s my first collar and leash set, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it’s comfortable, sexy, and easy to use.

I do have one issue with my collar that I can’t get quite get over though–it has a permanent crease from being folded to fit it in its box (as you can see in the photos.) At first I figured it wasn’t a big deal, and I thought it would go away after wearing it for a while, but it didn’t. I tried stacking books on top of it and leaving it like that overnight, but the crease is still there. It may not seem like a big deal, but a weird crease takes away from the polished look of the product (which isn’t cheap at $75.) It’s also not easy to store the collar in the box without folding it & further creasing it.

pennysblog_bettiecollectionLike the Bettie Cuffs, the Bettie Collar is light, comfortable, and thin as compared to other standard bdsm items, so it’s ideal for those who seek restraints that are stylish but not heavy duty or intense looking. If it weren’t for the crease, it’d get my endorsement for those looking for a comfortable, lightweight, & sexy collar and leash set, so I’m hoping Lovehoney will consider updating its packaging somehow to prevent that in the future. In the meantime, I definitely recommend the Spanking Bat, which is absolutely gorgeous & my favorite item from the line so far.

Thanks Lovehoney!


Review: Bettie Page Cuffs


You know those vintage tufted chairs? The ones with the big buttons and shiny black leather? That’s what the Wild ‘N’ Willing Wrist Cuffs remind me of. Like the rest of Lovehoney’s Bettie Page collection, the Wild ‘N’ Willing Cuffs are inspired by the 1950’s pin up legend and her famous bondage modeling.

The Bettie Page Cuffs are made of quilted black faux leather and are lined with soft velvet, so they’re comfortable and don’t pinch or chafe. They fasten with belt-like buckles (with 5 notches that fit a circumference of 6-9″) and connect with a 7″ metal chain that clips to rotatable D-rings on each cuff. The cuffs fit both Jake and I, but they’re not as adjustable as Velcro cuffs and won’t work for everyone.

pennysblog_bettiecuffscloseupSexy and comfortable, the Wild ‘N’ Willing Cuffs are perfect for light restraint play. The chain is short enough to feel restricting but long enough to move around a bit, and it’s fun to grip and use for various positions during sex. Since the cuffs have D-rings and the chain has an easy release snap, you can connect the cuffs tighter if desired or use them with other tethers and restraints.

Though the cuffs are lovely and comfortable, they’re not ideal for rough restraint play, as the metal on the easy release closure isn’t really heavy duty. If I pull hard, I can tell the clasp is stretching slightly, and I’m confident that I could break them if I really tried.* For light play though, they’re fine, and Lovehoney does have a flexible return policy, just in case.

I was afraid to get the cuffs dirty because they’re so pretty and seem hard to wash, but of course I ended up squirting on them. There aren’t any directions on how to clean them, but I wiped them down with a washcloth with warm water and a little bit of liquid detergent and let the velvet air dry, and that’s worked fine so far.

pennysblog_cuffsandspankingbatLike the Spanking Bat, the cuffs come in a box printed with black and white images of Bettie along with a collectible playing card and a Bettie key-chain. One small complaint I have is that each Bettie item comes with the same key-chain; it’d be cooler if they were all unique like the playing cards.

Overall, the Wild ‘N’ Willing wrist cuffs have a sexy retro aesthetic, and they’re comfortable and great for light restraint play, and if you’re a Bettie Page fan, you’ll love the packaging and bonus collector’s items. If you’re only going to choose one item from the Bettie collection though, I would get the Spanking Bat rather than the cuffs, since it’s more overtly Bettie themed with her photo printed on the paddle.

Thanks Lovehoney!



Review: Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat

pennysblog_bettiebatI’m a sucker for Bettie Page stuff, so I was super excited when Lovehoney sent me the Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat to review. The Spanking Bat, which is an oval shaped, two sided paddle with a broad surface area (7” long & 5” wide) and an ergonomic 4” handle, is absolutely stunning. The paddle comes in a fancy box printed with Bettie playing card images along with a Bettie collector card and keychain.


One side of the paddle is made of black quilted faux leather and has a luxurious vintage feel, and the other side is firmer and features a black and white photo of Bettie showing off her back-seamed fishnets and sequined panties. Even the wrist strap has Bettie Page printed in silver cursive. The paddle is so lovely, I almost wanted to just use it as décor…but of course I had to try it out.

The paddle’s quilted side delivers a soft, gentle feel on impact. Even when Jake spanks me hard with it, it doesn’t hurt. It’s perfect for warm up and sensitizing, and I enjoy its light thuddy feel and the loud noise it makes.

In contrast, the paddle’s stiffer picture side can deliver a bit of sting and color. Still, it doesn’t hurt very much—not nearly as much as say, the Plunge (review upcoming), or leave lasting marks, so it isn’t ideal for heavy impact play.

For me though, the Bettie paddle feels amazing on both sides, and I love the tease of not knowing which will come next. The only downside to the paddle is that it’s so pretty that I’m afraid to get it wet or dirty, which can obviously be a problem when mixing spanking and sex. So far I’ve tried to keep the paddle as clean as possible.

If you’re a fan of Bettie Page and spanking, then this is definitely a must have paddle. It’s perfect for light to moderate impact play, and it’s so gorgeous I’d hang it up on my wall if I wasn’t too busy using it. The Bettie keychain and collector card are a fun bonus—even the packaging, which I usually could care less about, is lovely.

The Picture This Spanking Bat is just one of the many toys in Lovehoney’s Bettie Page line; they also carry a thinner paddle with a different image of Bettie, cuffs, and more. Thanks so much Loevehoney for sending me this awesome paddle in exchange for my honest review!


Review: Beyondage Almosta 4Posta Under The Bed Restraint Gear

The Beyondage Almosta 4Posta Under the Bed Restraint Gear* by Bondage Boutique from Lovehoney makes bondage without bedposts quick and easy. And although the name is a mouthful and a little cheesy, it makes a good point: the restraints offer a whole new realm of possibilities for bondage play beyond simply using them under the bed.

At first I was surprised that the restraints didn’t come with any instructions, but the gear is easy to set up. You just put the nylon strap set (a 4′ ft. vertical strap that connects to four 4ft. horizontal straps) under the mattress, leaving the ends of the straps hanging out on the sides. You can then connect the four cuffs with attached pivot clips to the (nickel free) O rings and adjust the straps to the position you want. It’s actually easier than it sounds. The restraints fit our Queen sized bed and could probably fit a King but would have less slack for adjustments.

Once you have a set up you like, you can leave it where it is for easy access the next time you want to use the restraints. Since the cuffs easily clip on and off, you can store them separately and tuck the straps under the bed for discretion, or if you want you can leave the cuffs connected, though as with anything made of Velcro it’s best to at least close them so they don’t attract dust, pet hair, etc.

Cuff DetailThe wrist and ankle cuffs are made of soft faux fur and close with Velcro. They’re adjustable to an extent—they’re 14″ long but need a decent amount of Velcro overlap to hold. They fit Jake and I fine, although I have small wrists so there’s a lot of Velcro hanging off when I use them.

It seems like every time Jake and I use the restraints, we think of new ways to connect them and positions to try. The classic spread eagle is one of my favorites, as well as positioning the straps lower on the bed so that I’m restrained on my back with my head upside down over the end of bed for oral. I also enjoy using them to restrain my legs while masturbating.

The cuffs by themselves are fun to use separately from the bed straps as basic restraints and for hog tying. You can connect them together to make thigh cuffs, or use them for a makeshift collar. You can also use the strap set on other furniture besides a bed.

Though the cuffs restrain me well enough for my liking, they’re only ideal for light bondage play, as the Velcro can loosen, and the pivot clips/O rings aren’t very heavy duty and could break with enough force.  One of the cuffs is also fraying a little already (I’ve been using them for a month), so I’m not sure how long they will last. They’re definitely not ideal for heavy bondage play, but you do have the option of attaching more secure cuffs to the strap set if you want.

I haven’t washed mine yet, but I plan to hand wash them as needed and hang them to dry.

If you’re looking for a versatile, comfortable, and easy to use set of restraints for light bondage play, you should definitely try the Almosta 4Posta Under The Bed Restraint Gear. If you’re looking for restraints for heavier bondage play I recommend something sturdier with strong metal connectors, different materials, etc. Thanks Lovehoney for sending me this fun bondage kit to review!

Review: Sqweel 2

Sqweel1I requested the Sqweel 2 to review for Lovehoney because I was intrigued by its unique design, even though I was skeptical as to whether the toy could actually do what it’s marketed to– simulate the amazing feeling of oral sex. The Sqweel 2 consists of a plastic hub and a wheel with 10 silicone “tongues” that slips on and off for cleaning. While obviously no one has 10 tongues and it didn’t seem like it would feel realistic, I hoped it would be fun to use regardless.

The first time I lubed up and introduced the Sqweel 2 to my clit, I was quickly turned on by the interesting sensation it provided, even at the slow speed. It didn’t feel like a real tongue, but it did feel nice to have 10 spinning silicone tongues against my clit. The slowest speed wasn’t enough to satisfy me though, so I increased the toy to its medium and eventually high speed, but even after moving it around and trying different positions, I couldn’t get off. For a moment I actually thought I had lost my ability to orgasm, since the toy was very stimulating at its highest speed, but although I could practically taste my orgasm, I couldn’t quite reach it. I ended up finishing myself off with my fingers instead, and breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn’t me that was the problem.

Like any good reviewer, I didn’t give up on the toy after my initial disappointment, but I had the same experience almost every time I tried it, and I figured out that the toy is missing something crucial for me: circular motion, or at least variety of motion. The toy does have an option to switch the direction of the tongues, but that function felt uncomfortable and borderline painful, irritating my clit rather than pleasing it, and the third “back and forth” option didn’t do anything for me. So the normal spinning function is enough to get me close to orgasm, but it’s a little too robotic and missing that extra something I need from the feeling of touch (rather than vibration) to get off.  I did manage to orgasm with it once, but it took time, patience, and lot of finagling with it and moving it around in circles at just the right angle, and so far I haven’t been able to repeat that experience.

Besides the general frustration of not being able to get off, I also had other issues with the Sqweel 2. One was that I had to pay close attention to how I was using it and be careful not to press it down too hard, since that would stop the tongues from moving, which was counter-intuitive for me since my clit likes pressure. The toy’s weird sound is also distracting and the controller’s design flawed. Since it felt best holding it vertically, I had to actually look down to see where the buttons were on the front to make sure I was pressing the right one. To me it would make more sense for them to be on the side of the toy instead, so I could easily change speeds without disrupting my pleasure. It’s also nearly impossible to use a dildo with the toy since it’s bulky and in the way. I also had Jake give the Sqweel a shot, but he said he didn’t like the way it felt and found it pretty useless, which wasn’t very surprising since it’s designed for clits.

Sqweel2Overall, I was disappointed by the Sqweel 2. The feeling of its spinning tongues arouses me just enough to bring me to the edge of an orgasm, but not enough to satisfy me. The one time I got off with it took a lot of work, and I use sex toys to add variety and to make it easier to orgasm, not more difficult. However, just because it didn’t work very well for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.  It does provide a unique pleasurable sensation that is somewhat similar to oral, although obviously it’s not the same as a real tongue.  If you’re interested in a toy that simulates oral or a touch feeling or one that provides something different from the usual vibration and have an extra $60 to spend on a new toy, you could give it a shot. Hey, Epiphora liked it (and she is picky as hell), so who knows, you might too.

If you do end up trying the Sqweel 2, make sure you have 3 AAA batteries and plenty of water based lube handy, since using the toy without it isn’t pleasant. To clean the toy, remove the wheel and wash it with warm soapy water or toy cleaner, wipe down the plastic portion, and let everything dry completely before storing it. Like all toys that require batteries, it’s best to remove them when you’re not going to use it for a while. The toy is made of hygienic, non-porous silicone and plastic, but I wouldn’t recommend sharing it with multiple partners since it seems impossible to properly sterilize the toy since it has so many crevices.

Introducing the new Sqweel 2!

Review: Lovehoney Tease Me Bondage Tape

Tease Me Bondage TapeWhat initially attracted me to bondage tape was its aesthetic. I like the shiny, wet look and the idea of tape bondage without the pain of normal duct tape.

The Lovehoney Tease Me Bondage Tape consists of a roll of 20m of strong PVC tape that only sticks to itself for tape bondage play without the pain of hair-pulling upon removal. I received mine in black, but Lovehoney also carries it in red and purple.

My boyfriend and I used the entire roll of tape in only a few uses for light bondage and to make a fetish top. As described, the tape only sticks to itself and doesn’t pull hair when removed. It’s also advertised as being reusable, but it’s not really since the tape sticks to itself and is pretty much impossible to separate and put back on the roll. If you actually use it to bind, you have to use your teeth or scissors to get it off (it will stretch but is very hard to break,) which also ruins any chance of reuse.

I found using the tape to bind my wrists and ankles annoying since the tape wouldn’t stay flat and got twisted, crinkled, and loosened as I struggled to get free. With enough layers it did work to actually restrain me, which was fun for forced Hitachi orgasms and oral play, but it quickly became distracting and uncomfortable as it painfully dug into me after it got twisted and left my skin sweaty and smelling of chemicals. I’ve heard of people using the tape as a gag or blindfold, but this didn’t work for me as the tape’s PVC smell reminded me of poisonous jelly dildos, and I couldn’t stand having it near my face.

Using the tape to try to restrain Jake was even less successful, and even wrapped in many layers he could easily loosen it and break free. It could probably actually restrain him if I had used many layers over his entire arms, but I didn’t want to finish all of the tape. On the plus side, I did get a sexy photo of him “bound” while experimenting with it on him.

Again, the tape was frustrating and not very effective when we tried using it to make a sexy top. First we wrapped it horizontally around my breasts, but it kept rolling on the edges and slipping out of place. We also tried making a sort of breast bondage top, and it worked alright for that, although it was still hard to manage and keep in place. I removed it after only a few minutes since it was uncomfortable and made me very sweaty. I can deal with some discomfort if I think it’s worth the appearance (have you seen some of my heels?) but in this case the look wasn’t worth the trouble. I think you could manage to make a cool fetish outfit with it, but it would take more patience than I had as well as way more tape.

Even after constant annoyances using the tape, I was going to say that it could be an option for someone looking for an inexpensive way to try light bondage…until I had an allergic reaction to it. The day after we used it to restrain me, I broke out into itchy and painful hives on both of my wrists. After it happened I read up on latex and PVC as well as contact allergies and irritations, and I definitely had an allergic reaction to it since it was delayed and then went away when I took antihistamines.

At first I thought it was strange that I only had a reaction on my wrists, but it makes sense since I had it on my wrists much longer than any other part of my body. I also think harmful chemicals may have been released when it stretched and crinkled as I struggled with it. Jake’s wrists were also red and itchy after use, but he didn’t have the more severe allergic reaction that I did (but he didn’t have it on as long either.) It’s also important to note that I’ve never noticed a latex or PVC allergy before, and I’ve used a different brand of bondage tape in the past and didn’t have an issue, although it is possible to develop allergies over time.

Even though I am obviously allergic to something in the Tease Me Bondage Tape and others may have no issues when using it, I don’t feel comfortable recommending it since it irritated Jake as well and was generally frustrating to use. It can work for restraining, but it requires many layers, and it easily gets crinkled, twisted, tangled, and stretched. If you really want a tape bondage look I guess it’s probably a better option than duct tape, but I would only use it if you’ve already performed a patch test on your skin (and waited at least a day) to ensure you won’t react to it.