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Review: Fun Factory B Balls


Fun Factory B Balls

If you read my reviews because you like thinking about me using sex toys and want to get turned on, just stop now. Because this review isn’t going to be sexy1

Basically, the B Balls are like a laxative for my butthole. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you read a lot of reviews you may remember Epiphora’s review of the Severin, in which she explains that the plug gives her the feeling of constantly having to poop. Well I get that same feeling using the B Balls… except they actually make me poop.

But first, let’s back track. What are the B Balls?

The B Balls are a cross between a butt plug and anal beads–they consist of two balls2 connected closely together, with a flared base. Inside the balls are weights that are supposed to jiggle around in your butt, similar to how Kegel balls move around inside of the vagina for subtle stimulation. They’re made of matte silicone and have ridges along the outside of each ball.

The B Balls are smaller than some of my other anal toys, and I can insert them fairly easily, but the ridges feel a little abrasive to me, even with plenty of lube. My butt definitely prefers materials like glass, wood, or smooth, seamless silicone.

Now for the (not so) fun part: wearing the B Balls. As soon as I put them in, I feel like I have to poop. Constantly. And often they actually make me poop. Sometimes I can’t keep them in for more than 5 minutes before I am taking them out and pooping…when I had no poop feeling before using them.

Ryder, B Balls, Romp, & Bootie

Ryder, B Balls, Romp, & Bootie

I do have a fast metabolism, but I’m not the Energizer bunny of poop, I swear. And I use plenty of other butt toys and this doesn’t happen. I know other people that have used the B Balls, and this doesn’t happen to them so maybe it’s just me, but something about the hardness of the balls and their shape and placement makes them the poop-whisperer to my butt.

When I’m sitting, the poop sensation is somewhat rectified3, but the balls still don’t really do anything for me. They’re not exciting to squeeze around, they just feel boring and mildly uncomfortable. As for the weights, they do feel kind of cool jiggling around in my butt when I move…but so do the Luna Beads, and they don’t make me feel like pooping.

Another thing that really bothers me about the B Balls is the ridges I mentioned earlier. Not only do they feel kind of irritating, they also collect lube, butt juices and…you guessed it, POOP. It makes them hard to clean, and it makes them retain butt smells like it’s their (night) job4.

I also tried inserting the B Balls vaginally before using them anally, but they’re not designed for that and felt awkward and uncomfortable. As for wearing the B Balls during partner sex or with dildos…I just can’t bring myself to do it. Feeling like I have to poop is about the least sexy sensation I can think of, so…no.

Fun Factory did come up with something new and potentially exciting: jiggle balls for butts. And to be fair, the B Balls are stimulating, but not in the way I want them to be. I know others who have enjoyed them, so they might work for you too, but all they do to me is make me poop. On the plus side, if I’m ever constipated…

If you do decide to get the B Balls, they’re available at SheVibe, Lovehoney US, & Lovehoney UK.

Thanks Fun Factory!


  1. unless you think poop is sexy, and if so more power to you. 

  2. 1.25″ & 1.5″ in diameter 

  3. pun intended 

  4. their day job is summoning my poop, obviously 

Review: California Exotics Silicone Vibrating Pleasure Beads

I want to start by admitting that I have only recently started anal play. I am a little bit of a germ freak (at least when it comes to my vagina), and I have always had some qualms about butt play because of that aspect. I’d tried anal sex of couple of times, and it didn’t hurt or anything, but I really did it more for Jake than for myself, which is pretty lame (and why we didn’t really do it anymore.) Luckily I have Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah, founders of Toys in Babeland, to thank for my real curiosity and interest in anal pleasure. I was recently reading their book Sex Toys 101: A Playfully Uninhibited Guide, and the anal section particularly caught my attention because although I have worked at a sex store for over 2 years, I felt alienated by the subject. Their description of anal play and encouragement to give your booty some much needed attention made me rethink my rejection of my ass. They explained that people actually hold a lot of tension and stress in their assholes, and basically that if you aren’t playing with your butt, you’re missing out. In the book, they suggest starting by playing around externally in the shower (where you can easily clean up) and inserting a finger. I took their advice and was surprised at how good it felt and not long after I decided to invest in my first set of anal beads and go for it.

When I told Jake I wanted a new butt toy he was definitely excited. We went to the shop together, and I didn’t know exactly what toy I wanted, but I did know what materials would be acceptable for my first anal toy. The only materials I want to put in my butt are glass, silicone, etc. because they are nonporous (meaning they don’t hold trapped germs and can be sterilized.) I was leaning towards a glass toy, but the glass selection where I was wasn’t great, and I ended up deciding on the California Exotics Silicone Vibrating Pleasure Beads.

This anal toy consists of a silicone beaded probe that is firm yet flexible and starts with a small bead that is attached to increasingly larger beads, with a curved handle at the end for easy use (and safety.)  At the end near the handle, a small waterproof bullet vibrator made of ABS plastic slips into the silicone probe, providing 3 speeds of vibration throughout the toy. The vibration is what I would call high frequency, which for vaginal play only tickles me and would not be strong enough, but for anal play it was sufficient even on the lowest speed. We started with finger play and then moved onto the beads, using Jo water based lube (remember to only use water based lube with silicone toys unless you know for sure the products are compatible.) I really enjoyed the feeling of each bead entering (and later exiting) me, and I ended up getting so excited that I wanted to try anal sex again, this time for me. During that same trip to the store, I also purchased the much coveted Hitachi Magic Wand, and we whipped that sucker out for even more fun. The vibration on the Hitachi is extremely, extremely powerful, and with it positioned in front/underneath me and Jake behind, I finally had my first extremely pleasurable anal experience!

As an anal beginner, I was happy with this product and would recommend it for other anal newbies like me. Although some “novelty” products such as this one are not pure silicone even though they are labeled as such, this probe did feel like silicone. I also like that the probe is separate from the bullet, so you can boil the probe as well as replace the bullet if you desire or choose not to use it. I recommend choosing the black version of this toy (it also comes in pink and purple.)  The only real drawback of this product I can think of is that it runs on LR44 batteries, which have a short lifespan, but at least it comes with an extra set. Shame on me though because I didn’t take the batteries out of the toy after play like I always tell my customers to, and I was annoyed as hell the next time I was ready to use my beads and had to search for the extra set.

California Exotics Vibrating Pleasure Beads