Last weekend, my bff Ely came to visit me, and one day while she was here, we went to Hippie Hollow and went skinny dipping, did some spells, and shot some photos, including this Polaroid. It was a magical day, and I love this photo she took of me.

Have you ever been to a nude park or beach before? Do you still shoot with Polaroids? Let me know in the comments! Also stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more photos from our trip.

45 thoughts on “Enchantress”

  1. Sweeten Dirty

    The first thing I thought when I saw this image is mermaid. It is absolutely gorgeous. I have never been to a nude beach, or been skinny dipping, though it is on my long bucket list of things to do.

  2. Jayme

    Yay! Penny’s back! I like the shot–I never got the hang of Polaroids, but I gifted The Wife one of those new Fuji instants last year. That made her happy.

    I like this image. There’s an ethereal quality to it, not entirely unlike my infrared photography. But your skin would be a lot more luminous in IR, and your tattoo more stark and dramatic. 🙂

  3. Bibbly Bobbily

    Your image is certainly spellbinding. As Sweeten Dirty said, the immediate reaction to this image was to think of a mermaid, then my thoughts moved to a wicca theme, then i read your words. I love the polaroid colours, and this in itself lends to the theme i get from the image. Beautiful xx

  4. Elliott Henry

    Your title is perfect for this photo. An Isle, Circe perhaps?

    Our first nudies were with a polaroid… now an iPhone. I used to go to a nude beach north of San Francisco near Stinson Beach years ago.

  5. Modesty Ablaze

    Stunningly enchanting photo . . . and, of course, I love polaroids!
    Although I’ve never been to a specific nudist park or beach, I have . . . occasionally (!!!) . . . been known to take my clothes off in public.
    After all, it’s such fun isn’t it.
    Beautiful, beautiful photo !!!
    Xxx – K

  6. SilverDom

    We have been to nude beaches, and been skinny dipping. Very liberating.

    The only way I could produce a Polaroid now is using filters in Lightroom.

    Beautiful image BTW.

  7. JFBreak

    Can you recommend a blog or web page regarding Hippie Hollow that would help ease beginners wanting to go for the first time? My wife and I have never been to a nude beach but we keep wanting to check that box on our imaginary bucket list. I think we’re old enough to realize that our less than supermodel bodies aren’t going to offend anyone, but still, there is that timidness. We live in San Antonio so it isn;t that far at all. Just have to get the nerve to do it.

    1. Jayme

      Hippie Hollow is easy. There’s a standard entrance fee, but it gets super-crowded on weekends, so best to go on weekdays if you can swing it. In my (limited) experience, there is usually a seedy-looking guy or two hanging around the access road trying to get an eyeful. At one time, the far end of the park was predominantly for gay crowds–not sure if that’s the case anymore, it’s been years since Iast visited. But it really is a nice park for swimming and sunbathing.


    2. Penny Post Author

      I don’t know of a blog about Hippie Hollow, but you can always just go check it out and then decide when you get there if you feel comfortable going nude or not, it’s a nice park either way. It’s also a pretty big space, and you can walk a ways and find a spot where there aren’t already people, which is what I like to do (assuming it’s not super crowded.) Let me know how it goes if you try it!

  8. Jaime

    Sky! She is beautiful! And while the photo is beautiful on other grounds, she rides and defines the picture.

    (Never used polaroids, by the way.)

    Beautiful picture!

  9. Bee

    Loving this location. I really must come to visit sometime!

    We’ve played about with Polaroid but never had much success but I’m a big fan of outdoor photography, lots of fun if the weather behaves!

  10. Molly

    Oh Penny, Penny, Penny, how I have missed your images on Sinful Sunday. Damn this is awesome and the title for it is spot on.

    I don’t have a Poleroid, never felt the urge for one, until now that is, something about this image that is just so perfectly dated. Like a peep back into time and yet you took it just the other day. No matter filters you use you can’t ever truly recreate that I think


    1. Penny Post Author

      Thanks Molly, that means so much!

      And yea, I love the feeling of Polaroids, the film is pricey and unpredictable, but they also have a certain magic to them.

  11. Stell

    Penny! Love the effect of the Polaroid. It suites the place and certainly gives your picture a 70m’s hippie vibe.

    I used to have a Polaroid camera, specifically for taking these kinds of pictures. Wouldn’t want the photo lab having to develope them! These days I really don’t much care who sees my pictures.


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