24 thoughts on “Family Portrait”

  1. mcpervy

    That’s just too fucking awesome. II’m pretty Damn gay and I’m starting to get a little turned on. Great idea. Your going to be in the weekly round up for sure.

  2. Velvet Rose

    Oh Penny you have captured a fabulous image here. There are so many things in the picture but the eye is immediately drawn to the two of you before anything else, then as your eye moves around the rest of the image you take in all the fun of the room. Fabulous!

    Velvet x

  3. Molly

    I love this shot. Ely’s pose is just so bold, I love the how the tilt of her chin makes her seem to proud, as she should be. The stuff on the table and mirror works so well as a frame for the two of you as well, creating context and yet not actually interfering with us seeing you both


  4. MariaSibylla

    It’s a grown up slumber party! I love the way the two of you dominate the frame while residing comfortably inside all of the amazing room clutter. I can’t stop going back to the image trying to see what’s on the dressing table, the mirror ledge, etc. There’s also something really compelling about the way Ely is so proudly, defiantly looking at us and your face is behind the camera. Not hiding, because you’re very “in” the action if the shot, just interestingly obscured by your tool.

  5. Jack (and Jill)

    Beautiful, sexy, and above all, fun. Though the two of you are definitely where my eyes – and presumably everyone’s – are drawn I love the various out-of-focus details on the dresser. Mostly, though, you and Ely are just plain hot.

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