I’m the Kinkly Sex Blogger of the Month!


I’m honored to share that I’m the Kinkly Sex Blogger of the Month for October! Head over to Kinkly to read my interview to find out what inspired me to start blogging, which post is my most popular ever, and more!

Right now is also the time to vote for your favorite Sex Blogging Superheros of 2015, so if you enjoy my blog, please vote for meThanks for your support, y’all!


2 thoughts on “I’m the Kinkly Sex Blogger of the Month!”

  1. Tzipora

    Congrats! And I just have to say, this picture is amazing! Like everything about it. I dabbled in photography and had really solid art training and a lot of people like taking photos but you’ve really got an eye for composition and that’s rare. Definitely sets your work and your blog apart.

    PS- Have you contacted your contest winners yet? I’m crossing my fingers big time. And you sooo need to add this photo to your etsy options if you haven’t already. This would be my choice if I won the Etsy listing giveaway. It’s such a great shot!

    1. Penny Post Author

      Thanks so much–that means a lot! And thanks for the input–I’ll add it! Also I’m contacting/announcing winners tomorrow. 🙂

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