Impromptu Photo-shoot: Caitlin at Woodhull


Quite a few spontaneous photo-shoots happened at Woodhull this summer, many of which happened on the last day. It all started when I lent my camera to Epiphora to take some photos of her Wahl and Womanizer. Then I shot some self portraits in Bex’s shiny new Eleven. Then Epiphora shot Bex and I jumping on the bed wearing only strap-ons. Then I shot some portraits of the awesome Caitlin of Sex-ational! (don’t they have the prettiest eyes!?)…while still only wearing my strap-on. You’d never guess from the photos that it was technically a “nude” shoot…or knowing us, you might. 😉


Thanks Epiphora for capturing this rad behind the scenes shot on my phone!


11 thoughts on “Impromptu Photo-shoot: Caitlin at Woodhull”

  1. Molly

    Looks like this event was a LOT of fun… and I love the shot of you taking someone elses picture whilst completely nude. Now that is my kind of photographer


  2. Jane

    What amazing pictures. The sense of fun is palpable in each and every one. And I LOVE the fact that in that last one the photographer has become as much the focus as her own subject. Truly a multi-layered visual.


  3. Tae Franklin

    It’s like capturing 2 alter egos! Both perfect and distinct. Perfect girl next door and “perfect” girl next door ???? I want to be them and I want to fuck them. Accidental genius… Love it!

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