My Seymore Butts Package Came!

I saw Adam Glasser (aka Seymore Butts) was having a NY picture contest on twitter …so I had Jake write on my butt with lip liner…and I won! 🙂

@seymorebutts after much consideration by my crack staff, the winning contest entry congratulations @pennysblog DM me ur address.

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It had porn, t-shirts &tanks, a Tushy Desk set, a Seymore Gets Some Tushy wind-up figurine, and my faves: 2 personalized autographed photos from Seymore Butts!

2 thoughts on “My Seymore Butts Package Came!”

  1. Imwakinit

    Congratulations on your win, and I must say that is an award winning butt if I have ever seen one. I always knew Seymore had good taste.

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