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Fun Factory B Balls

If you read my reviews because you like thinking about me using sex toys and want to get turned on, just stop now. Because this review isn’t going to be sexy ((unless you think poop is sexy, and if so more power to you.))

Basically, the B Balls are like a laxative for my butthole. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you read a lot of reviews you may remember Epiphora’s review of the Severin, in which she explains that the plug gives her the feeling of constantly having to poop. Well I get that same feeling using the B Balls… except they actually make me poop.

But first, let’s back track. What are the B Balls?

The B Balls are a cross between a butt plug and anal beads–they consist of two balls ((1.25″ & 1.5″ in diameter)) connected closely together, with a flared base. Inside the balls are weights that are supposed to jiggle around in your butt, similar to how Kegel balls move around inside of the vagina for subtle stimulation. They’re made of matte silicone and have ridges along the outside of each ball.

The B Balls are smaller than some of my other anal toys, and I can insert them fairly easily, but the ridges feel a little abrasive to me, even with plenty of lube. My butt definitely prefers materials like glass, wood, or smooth, seamless silicone.

Now for the (not so) fun part: wearing the B Balls. As soon as I put them in, I feel like I have to poop. Constantly. And often they actually make me poop. Sometimes I can’t keep them in for more than 5 minutes before I am taking them out and pooping…when I had no poop feeling before using them.

Ryder, B Balls, Romp, & Bootie

Ryder, B Balls, Romp, & Bootie

I do have a fast metabolism, but I’m not the Energizer bunny of poop, I swear. And I use plenty of other butt toys and this doesn’t happen. I know other people that have used the B Balls, and this doesn’t happen to them so maybe it’s just me, but something about the hardness of the balls and their shape and placement makes them the poop-whisperer to my butt.

When I’m sitting, the poop sensation is somewhat rectified ((pun intended)), but the balls still don’t really do anything for me. They’re not exciting to squeeze around, they just feel boring and mildly uncomfortable. As for the weights, they do feel kind of cool jiggling around in my butt when I move…but so do the Luna Beads, and they don’t make me feel like pooping.

Another thing that really bothers me about the B Balls is the ridges I mentioned earlier. Not only do they feel kind of irritating, they also collect lube, butt juices and…you guessed it, POOP. It makes them hard to clean, and it makes them retain butt smells like it’s their (night) job ((their day job is summoning my poop, obviously)).

I also tried inserting the B Balls vaginally before using them anally, but they’re not designed for that and felt awkward and uncomfortable. As for wearing the B Balls during partner sex or with dildos…I just can’t bring myself to do it. Feeling like I have to poop is about the least sexy sensation I can think of, so…no.

Fun Factory did come up with something new and potentially exciting: jiggle balls for butts. And to be fair, the B Balls are stimulating, but not in the way I want them to be. I know others who have enjoyed them, so they might work for you too, but all they do to me is make me poop. On the plus side, if I’m ever constipated…

If you do decide to get the B Balls, they’re available at SheVibe, Lovehoney US, & Lovehoney UK.

Thanks Fun Factory!


22 thoughts on “Review: Fun Factory B Balls”

  1. Emma

    You are the funniest poop machine ever. Did you see the new smartballs that FF released? They literally look exactly like these! I knew there would be a kegel crossover! Sexy toilet talk per usual. You nailed it;)

  2. Dangerous Lilly

    This actually makes a lot of sense that it could happen. I mean, the whole point to the vag balls like Luna Beads is passive exercise….the weight of the inner ball knocking the outer ball pings your PC muscle which sets of a teeny tiny contraction. A contraction of the lower intestine would understandably result in this.

    Which makes me think that anybody with IBS should stay far, far away from these, lol.

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  13. Heaven

    Well damn I don’t want the sensation of having to go number 2 either. Sounds like something that would happen to me as well. They are cute though!

  14. On Her Back

    That is hilarious. Totally makes sense, though. I’ve tried anal beads that make me feel–as I pull them out–like I’m dragging poop out of me. Never actually pooped from them but I get the feeling.

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