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pennysblog_bootieMy butt trusts the Fun Factory Bootie. Unlike larger anal toys, which need to sweet talk my butt for a while, all the Bootie needs is a dab of Sassy, and my butt says, “Hey, come on in! Stay for a while!” like they’re old buddies.

The Bootie is a petite, 3″ long silicone butt plug with a thin neck, a curved bulbous shape, and a base that naturally rests between butt cheeks.

It’s my first curved plug, and when I was about to insert it the first time, I realized I wan’t sure which way it should go. My instincts told me to wear it curving up towards my g-spot, but after trying it both ways, I’ve discovered that my butt actually prefers it the opposite way.

At first I wondered if I was a weirdo for liking it this way, so I did some avid googling and found that people like wearing curved butt toys both ways, though it does seem that more people (including Epiphora, my go-to sex toy expert) like them curved up.

So far, the Bootie is my favorite plug to wear around for long periods of time. Its base is extremely comfortable and as soon as I insert it, I can’t help but squeeze my butt around it to enjoy its stimulating shape, which makes it feel like I’m giving myself a bootie massage, as cheesy as that sounds.

I’d even argue that it reminds me to exercise my PC muscles more so than my Luna Beads, so if you’re not a fan of vag balls (or even if you are), the Bootie could be a great alternative toy to wear as a reminder to do Kegels. Since it’s so small and comfortable, the Bootie does have the ability to camouflage itself into my butt after awhile, but I’m always still aware that it’s there, even if it’s subtle.

I also enjoy wearing the Bootie during sex, and although it’s small, its curved shape makes thrusting feel more intense than usual. It stays in place well most of the time—it’s only fallen out once, in “reverse cowgirl.”* I’ve also used it while masturbating with dildos, but that’s probably my least favorite way to use it, for whatever reason. (I don’t try to understand all of the mysteries of my butt.)

The only downside I can think of to the Bootie is that it is quite small, so if you’re looking for a medium or large plug or want a stronger feeling of fullness, then it’s probably not a good choice. Now that I know I like curved butt plugs, I am even more determined to get my hands on a Pure Plug soon.

Like all silicone toys, the Bootie is hygienic and non-porous and should only be used with water based lubricant. The downside of silicone is that it attracts dust, lint, and pet hair like crazy, and it’s harder to get rid of residual smells than glass or metal toys, so you may want to wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution and let it air dry and/or boil it (I do both for a thorough cleaning) in addition to the standard soap and water method.

The Fun Factory Bootie is a small, easy to insert comfortable yet gently stimulating butt plug. I highly recommend it for beginners to butt play or for anyone looking for a small, comfortable plug or a warm-up for bigger toys or anal sex.

*If there is a better name for this position (other than “crab sex“) someone please enlighten me.

12 thoughts on “Review: Fun Factory Bootie”

  1. Dan

    Plugs, yes! Wish I’d gotten permission from you to try some butt play 40yrs ago! I keep the nail of my left hand trimmed now for one nuckle Butt play during sex; my right thumb nail trimmed for thumb on ass during rear entry PV doggy style. We now have two (one from Santa) butt toys but are shy to use them The First Time.

    How does a newbie go from “one knuckle” butt play to butt toy play?

    1. Penny Post Author

      If you start with a small toy like the Bootie, it’s really not much different from a finger. I’d recommend plenty of lube, patience, and communication.

  2. Reenie

    Bootie actually looks super adorable, and its shape is quite inviting! But I don’t know why, it just looks a bit too bulky(I’m a noob in butt play). I wonder if I’ll be able to handle one…Well! I guess I’ll have to get one to find out! ^.^ Great review!

  3. Grant

    The N Joy plugs are wonderful. We have two and strongly recommend both for him and her.
    The only down side is that the loop for the N joy is quite long and can rub against the penis during penetration of she has it in.

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  9. Naughty Boy

    Im 22 years old full hetero boy, and wearing this plug at the moment. And i got no relationship, im single so i got time to play with these things. If i ever meet some girl i wont tell bout my buttplugs to him.

    I was finding butt plug for long-term using, and i think this is the one! Im not plugging everyday, just like once in week or two, just when i feel very horny.
    I started using anal toys around year ago. First i ordered maybe too “hard to use as beginner” toy, it was really expensive: Rocks Off – Cheeky boy. I was really beginner without any advice, just used my spit to lube, you maybe wonder how thats even possible, but yeah..getting in was easy but out wasnt.. that hurted alot everytime when i was getting the toy out. Then i was thinking its really dangerous toy, and i throwed that away… now i regret that. I was just dumb without good advice bout what im doing.

    And one thing to another, i have been experiencing wet dreams without erotic dreams for over year… i just wake up ejaculating really big orgasm, its so long(or feels that) that you never cant get with just masturbating… but that makes me everytime angry… Its not so fun to wake up with wet pants, and then go to wc clean up yourself and flush pants with water before machine washing. And if i havent massaged my prostate for month i keep ejaculating sometimes four days in row, that makes me super angry. Four underwears messed up in week… not fun!
    So lets go to point: Im not sure am i experiencing nightly orgasms just cause i have started massaging my prostate? Have i damaged prostate or something? Never had those nightly things before played anal. And i dont want to experience those things my whole life, at this moment trying to avoid sleeping at friends house when the party ends and that way… maybe i must wear this nice bootie plug atleast once in week, i thinks its massaging my prostate really good, ill keep pre-cumming all the time with this toy in my ass. Btw i dont know whats that pre-cum is, i think its not semen. Its bright clear and really slimy+slippery, i think its natural lube…? Really got to wear condom or paper around my penis, its just coming and coming when plugged with nice plug like this.

    I found this: , just by finding reviews of this toy. Nice blog, reading this review makes me just more horny.. 🙂
    Sorry my bad English im from Finland, and a bit off-topic.

    I think i got to explore more this blog.

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