Review: Icicles No. 21

pennysblog_20130302_2705The Icicles No. 21 is a 8.5×1.25” glass dildo with a phallic head, a long, slightly curved shaft with flower detail, and a flared based. I chose the No. 21 to review for Pipedream with Toy Tuesday as well as my g-spot in mind, since glass is fun to photograph, and I saw potential in its pronounced head.

While I knew ahead of time that the No. 21 would probably feel pretty intense, I didn’t realize how intense. This is one of those toys that definitely requires a good amount of foreplay and lube to work for me, and I almost wanted to give up on it after the not so pleasant “pop” feeling the first time I inserted its hard, bulbous head. After I got used to it though, I discovered that the No. 21 does feel pretty amazing– when I get it at the right angle.

Stimulating my g-spot isn’t the only requirement I have for what I consider a successful dildo though— ease of use is equally important, and that’s where this toy is lacking.  Since I only need to insert it until right where the curve starts, I have to hold it on its shaft rather than on its base, which would be much easier to grip and handle. If it had more of a curved “C” shape, it probably wouldn’t feel too long since the handle would be curved towards me, but since it straightens out after the slight curve, it’s hard to hold. After a while my arm gets tired trying to keep the right angle and pressure, and I find myself craving the ease of stimulation that is the Pure Wand.

In hopes that I could enjoy the 21 without my arm getting tired, I had Jake try it on me with even less success. I definitely prefer using toys on myself in general, but since this one has such an intense head and also requires very specific angling to hit my g-spot, it was pretty much impossible to enjoy this way. Since the No. 21 has a flared base, it can be used safely for anal or strap on play, but I have no desire to use it for either and see it being potentially painful if misused.

Although it is a lovely toy, and I like the way the bulbous head feels on my g-spot when I can get it in the right position, I don’t recommend the No. 21 since its shape and length make it hard to hold for long masturbation sessions.  I’m also annoyed by its lack of a real protective storage case. If you’re going to sell delicate glass sex toys, you should include some kind of cover or case, not just a Styrofoam insert.

Like all glass toys, the Icicles No. 21 is hygienic, non-porous, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or by running it through the dishwasher (on the top shelf with no soap or detergent.) Glass is also a good material for sensation play since it holds temperature well. To do this safely, place it in either warm or cold water for a few minutes (don’t put it in the freezer.)


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