Review: Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug

I thought I’d have no problem getting the Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug in–with 3 insertable inches, it’s shorter than other things I’ve put in my butt, and although its 5.75″ circumference is a step up from the 5.25″ of the Ryder ((one of my larger plugs)), an extra half an inch didn’t seem like a huge deal. Boy was I wrong.

The Sensual Glass Plug is easy enough to insert at first, with a smooth, tapered tip…until I get to the widest part. Since the plug doesn’t taper back down like a lot of others do, my butt won’t suck it in, and it just floats there like a buoy. If Jake is around, I ask “IS IT IN?” and he says “yea…pretty much!” encouragingly. Except pretty much means it isn’t actually in, and it bobs right back out with a simple squeeze of my PC muscles or a shift to grab more lube.

Every time I tried to push the plug in past that point, the glass jabbed at my ass painfully. Still, I persevered.

I had faith in the power of my butt.

Ryder, Romp, Sensual Glass Plug, Atomic Rose Plug, Bootie

Ryder, Romp, Sensual Glass Plug, Atomic Rose Plug, Bootie

I tried warming up with smaller plugs. I tried Sassy ((one of my fave lubes–it’s thick and ideal for anal play)). I tried silicone. I tried mixing Sassy and silicone. I breathed deeply. I was one with my hole. I pampered my clit as I whispered sweet nothings to my butt. I tried warming up with cunnilingus and g-spot stimulation, and yet, I still couldn’t get it in.

I was about ready to give up and accept my butt hole failure, when I decided to try one last time. And when I used Bootie, Romp, baby Jesus, and Ryder, and it still wouldn’t go in, I got the idea of trying something else glass in my butt to get it used to the hardness. I grabbed my Icicles No. 21, put a condom over it, and used it to thrust gently until I felt Ready For The Plug.

And then something miraculous happened…I did it! The pride I felt in my butt was overwhelming. This must be what motherhood feels like, I thought. I immediately texted at least 3 friends: IT’S IN!!!

I finally warmed up my butt enough that the widest point didn’t hurt, and my butt sucked up that plug like a glass of sweet lemonade. And once it was in, it stayed in securely and felt delicious upon removal, especially since I synchronized it with an Eros orgasm.

Still, I can’t wear the Sensual Glass Plug around like I would others since I’m afraid it will hurt to take out if I leave it in too long. I also can’t use it during partner sex or with dildos because its hard glass fills me up, and I can barely get a finger in my vag when it’s in much less a penis.

And since anal thrusting actually warms me up for the plug and not vice versa, I probably won’t use it much unless I decide I want to move on to conquering even larger butt toys. Who knows, maybe someday this plug will seem like a tiny bloop on my ass’s radar. But until then, it has limited use for me.


All the toys it took to get it in

The moral of the story here is that the Sensual Glass Plug is definitely not a beginner’s plug…and I’d hesitate to even call it an Intermediate plug. It doesn’t look that big, but because of its hardness and shape, it can be quite difficult to insert and can potentially cause a lot of pain.

But if you’re an Intermediate/Advanced anal player, the Lovehoney Sensual Glass plug is a great deal at only $30 for a high quality Pyrex plug, and since its base portion has some girth, it can be used to warm up the sphincter for larger toys. Since it’s glass it’s non-porous and hygienic, and you can use any type of lube with it. It also comes with a purple velvet drawstring storage bag.

Just beware– if your butt isn’t ready, the Sensual Glass Plug will quite literally be a pain in your ass.

*Thanks Lovehoney!

26 thoughts on “Review: Lovehoney Sensual Glass Plug”

  1. Emma

    “I was one with my hole”
    You are too cute! I also appreciated the texts of the play by plays of your saga trying to get the damn thing in. YOU PERSEVERED! Now, onto something bigger like a fist!

  2. Mia Sinclair

    I am quite an advanced anal player but I can see from the flare on that glass plug it could prove problematic!

    I loved your “I was one with my hole. I pampered my clit as I whispered sweet nothings to my butt.”

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. Heaven

    It is cute and I almost came and said I need to get me one until I kept on reading I am still new to anal and this would probably not work for me. I am glad you were able to finally get it in and enjoyed it.

  4. Molly

    I have this plug, bought it years ago and could never get on with it. The flare is way to wide and angled, it needs to be more curved like an egg shape than a triangle. I sued it twice, both times it was a real struggle to get in and really quite painful. I think I still have it on my draw somewhere upstairs but I have never used it again.

    I actually think it is a really badly designed plug and I have always felt that LH description of it shows that no one in their office has ever actually used it because in my opinion this is for a very advanced anal players only and even then I think it is probably not for the vast majority of people


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  18. Holly

    Great review Penny. I’m just starting out not keen on beads so def want to invest in a plug, of course not this one but great review! Made me laugh out loud, I remember the tweets well done to your butt!

  19. Kel

    I have to tell you my story. I bought this butt plug 4 months ago (before that I was using a silicone one) and it happened the same as you, I tried and tried douring several days until I quit, I was very disappointed. I put it in a box and bought another two (a glass one and a metal one). Two weeks ago, I was very hot using the other glass one and I wanted to try again… And guess what, it fitted in and now I don’t change it for anything!! It feels amazing when I walk or while I’m sitting down. I agree, it not a plug for begginers, but my advice to you is DON’T QUIT!! Be patient, you will feel a little discomfort when the widest part of the plug go through by your sphincter, but it’s momentary, and pleassure wil come!! It’s a good idea to sit on a chair (or your bed) after you insert the plug and stay there for 3-5 minutes, you will experience some interesting sensations while it completely fits… After that you’ll be able to walk, run, or do whatever you want to and feel the amazing bliss it provides!!! You won’t regreat… Now I don’t want to take it off!! By the way, when you take it off, pull it backwards (not downwards) and it won’t hurt at all. I hope you enjoy it as I do.

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