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Since we’d never tried a prostate toy before, Jake and I were both intrigued when Mangasm contacted me about reviewing one of their products. Jake admitted that at first he was a little worried about what he was getting into and was expecting a large, curved toy, similar to some of my g-spot ones, so when the Mangasm arrived, he was surprised that the toy was actually pretty small. The box had instructions on the back, but the information wasn’t specific to the Voyager but instead more of a summary of how Mangasm prostate massagers work in general.

To find out more about how to use the toy, Jake looked on the Mangasm website, read all of the toy descriptions, and watched their demonstration videos. In most of the videos, the men pretty much just stick a Mangasm in their ass, jack off for a few minutes, and BOOM, ejaculation/intense orgasm. When he read the description of the Voyager, the website described the toy as “the largest and most aggressive model,” which seemed strange to both of us because it was no larger than Jake’s thumb. Still, we were anxious to give it a try since the website also claims the Voyager is for men looking for a “super intense male g spot orgasm.” We also checked out the Mangasm Edge, which is exactly the same toy but smaller, and the description claimed that it causes some men to orgasm without even touching their penises. Needless to say, we were excited to try it out.

The Voyager is straight or “bullet shaped” with a curved perineum tab for extra pressure on the prostate and a ring on the other side for easy removal. At the base of the toy is a cord that connects to the controller, where you can adjust the vibration gradually by sliding the button up or down. My immediate thoughts were that this toy may not hold up for long since pulling too hard on the cord or getting water inside it would probably ruin the toy. I was happy that it was made of smooth, ABS plastic, which is hygienic and non-porous.

The first few times we tried the Mangasm together, and it was easy to insert and use, but Jake said he didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary other than the vibration. We figured maybe we had the angle wrong or we just needed more practice since we’d never tried prostate toys before. He tried contracting and relaxing his sphincter muscles like the instructions said, but he still didn’t notice anything exceptional, and eventually he would get bored of it and want to just have sex instead.

Since we didn’t had any luck using it together, I told Jake his homework (tough huh?) was to masturbate with the Mangasm by himself a few times and report back. He tried it a few times, but each time had the same results; he said the vibration added a nice variation, but he still didn’t feel his prostate responding in the way the package and website described it should. I was about ready to give up on it and write a review since he’d already tried it about 6 times with no results.

Finally, I received a text from him saying, “It worked this time!” while I was out. As soon as I got home I flooded him with questions: “What did you do differently this time? What happened? What did it feel like? He explained that this time he sat down on the Mangasm, which put more pressure on his prostate, whereas the other times he was standing or lying down. Determined to make it work, he also leveraged it back and forth while he was contracting and relaxing his muscles while also lightly touching himself. He imagined how he usually stimulates my g-spot, and tried adjusting the Mangasm and playing around until he felt the right amount of pressure. After about 13-15 minutes, some cum dripped out in sync with his contractions, but he was still fully erect afterwards and felt he needed to cum a lot more. He reverted to masturbating in his normal, rougher way, and quickly reached a climax with his usual amount of cum.

I was intrigued when I heard this since I’ve never seen him ejaculate twice within such a short period before, and I asked him if I could watch. After putting on porn, stripping down, and lying on the floor in front of him, I told him to do what he did before, but this time I wouldn’t join him no matter what. I’m definitely a distraction to his usual routine (we’ve tried mutual masturbation but can never quite keep our hands off each other,) and I wanted to see the whole thing start to finish.

When he inserted the Mangasm, I could see the curved perineum massager resting where it’s designed to. I watched as he contracted and released his muscles, moved the toy up and down slightly (not in and out), and then touched himself. He kept this up, and after about 12 minutes some cum started trickling out as he contracted his muscles. It was odd watching it; it didn’t shoot out like in his usual ejaculation. Afterwards he stayed hard for a few minutes and kept masturbating harder with his hand until he came again, this time more intensely.

Afterwards, we talked more about what happened both times and read more about other’s experiences and realized that Jake had in fact had a prostate orgasm or “milked the prostate.” He did release seminal fluid without his typical hard stroking, and it did lead up to a normal orgasm. Still, it wasn’t the “hands-free orgasm” suggested, and something seems to be missing. He said the prostate orgasms didn’t feel as good as his usual ones, and he didn’t feel that they intensified his subsequent normal orgasms either. We’ve read a lot of other prostate toy reviews, and he didn’t get the same explosive results that other men describe. The main difference either of us noticed was that he produced ejaculate twice. I’ve also read reviews that say they use prostate toys during sex and that it’s amazing, but since the Voyager is straight and doesn’t have a bulbous shape at all, it wouldn’t stay in during sex when we tried it.

Overall, the Voyager did help Jake achieve prostate milking, but it didn’t quite live up to Jake’s expectations, especially in comparison to the Mangasm descriptions. He enjoyed the vibration but said the toy needed to be curved more, or be a little girthier, or a little longer, or have stronger vibrations…or maybe some combination of these aspects for it to stimulate his prostate better. While it was fun to use, it definitely didn’t cause him to have any life changing orgasms. When I asked him what his ultimate opinion on the toy was, he said basically it seemed difficult to use, and he couldn’t see any advantage over a finger other than the vibration.  If you want to try prostate exploration and milking, you could give the Voyager a shot, but don’t expect the immediate, explosive results promised or you’ll probably be disappointed, especially after dropping $72 on it.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Since the Voyager is made of non-porous ABS plastic, you can wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water and use either water based or silicone lubricant with it. The controller runs on 2 AA batteries, and as with any toy it will have a longer lifespan if you remove them in between uses. As I mentioned in the beginning of the review, the cord seems pretty delicate, so take care when washing and using it.


2 thoughts on “Review: Mangasm Voyager”

  1. Alan

    WOW! That was HOT!
    I am not into guys, but I jizzed in my pants reading this article!
    I can’t believe Jake was willing to try this out.
    I can’t wait to try this out.


  2. Imwakinit

    I have been thinking about getting a prostate massager recently and have started looking at them. This was one of the initial ones that I looked at, mostly because of the smaller size, I don’t want to go to big for the first time. I opted to start with smaller toys to start with but am still looking at massagers for when I am ready for one. Your fantastic review, although not the best of experiences has made me remove this particular one from my long list. I thank Jake for being the proverbial guinea pig with this particular toy.

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