Review: Mystic Wand (and how it compares to the Hitachi)

pennysblog_hitachiandmysticI wonder if the Mystic Wand is jealous of the Hitachi. The Hitachi has been around since the ’70s, the Hitachi is the strongest vibe ever, the Hitachi is famous. But what about the Mystic Wand, in a sense the Hitachi Magic Wand’s younger relative*?

The Mystic Wand is an 8 inch long wand style vibrator with a flexible silicone head and a plastic handle with easy to use, light-up push buttons. It features 3 steady vibration speeds of increasing power and 3 pulsation patterns.

My favorite setting on the Mystic Wand is the first speed—it’s deeper, rumblier, and more Hitachiesque than the higher settings, and when I’m already super turned on, I can orgasm with it alone. Otherwise, I take more time, working my way up to the highest steady speed.

I don’t usually like vibration settings, but the Mystic Wand’s are decent. The first setting is a steady pulse, which feels too robotic to me, but I occasionally like using the 2nd, which follows a pulse-pulse-longer pulse pattern, and the 3rd, which features waves of vibrations.

As a proud Hitachi lover, I admit that the first time I used the Mystic Wand I was a bit disappointed. Even the Mystic Wand’s highest setting is no match for the Hitachi’s incredible power, and its medium and high speeds are on the buzzier side. Still, I like the Mystic Wand. Since it’s battery powered (2AA), I don’t have to deal with an annoying and sometimes limiting cord, and it’s also much lighter, quieter, and less bulky than the Hitachi.

It takes me longer to reach orgasm than with the Hitachi, but sometimes that’s a good thing—I don’t always need to get off in 60 seconds. Also, I use the Mystic Wand directly on my clit (unlike the Hitachi), so it’s more versatile. Another thing that the Mystic Wand has that the Hitachi doesn’t, is a hygienic, non-porous silicone head. It’s also splash proof, and its smaller size makes it more ideal for travel and easy storage.

If you’re looking for a moderately strong cordless, wand style vibrator, then I recommend trying the Mystic Wand. If, however, you’re looking for a toy that equals the Hitachi’s strength and rumbly vibrations and will be satisfied with nothing less, then you will be disappointed with the Mystic Wand—it’s simply not as powerful.

It’s no Hitachi, but that’s ok–the Mystic Wand has its own personality.  If it were a person I’d feel the need to apologize for my initially harsh judgments towards it and say, feel free to be your silicone, cordless, bad-ass self Mystic Wand! Thanks Good Vibrations for sending me the Mystic Wand in exchange for my honest review!

*It’s not made by Hitachi but distributed by the same company, Vibratex.


8 thoughts on “Review: Mystic Wand (and how it compares to the Hitachi)”

  1. Heaven

    This sounds like a wand to have in my collection. I like how you said you don’t get off in 60 seconds with it, had me rolling. I would like one that I could take my time with as well the Hitachi is a beast and there is no lasting long with it.

  2. Dan


    1st: I was so taken 10 years ago by reading about this Hitachi that I wrote the founder of GV and asked Joani Blank if I could drive up (two hour drive) and book an interview with her. She is/was the founder of GV back to the seventies, as you know. We had a great talk and great lunch. She remains a dear friend because of that interview. What a powerful time indeed.

    So, I’d previously bought a two head Hitachi and was disappointed. Should I go get the classic?

    And yet, now we have BDSM and all. Should I hold out in buying the Classic or the one I’ve noticed in group scene play that is all black has electric stimulation/torture button as an option? I like the thought of strapping the thing to a mic stand and tying up my lady and pressing it at her; then letting the single head Hitachi do the work; here pleading for me to let it stop; all the orgasms and all.

    So: what say you of a) multiple head Hitachi? Single classic? Battery knock off as in the one you review here?

    1. Penny Post Author

      Wow, I didn’t know there’s a two head Hitachi…now I want one (even if it’s more for novelty than anything.) I absolutely love my original, and if you’re looking for a power house vibe/forced orgasms then I’d suggest that one. As far as a version with electrostim, I can’t say I’ve tried one of those either…I’ll have to look into that! Thanks for the questions & suggestions!

  3. Dan

    Well, this wand attachment is enough to get a guy motivated for the classic wand. From the folks at BDSM Digest. My first looking at this. Me wanna. Pls review.
    but this the one I’ve seen in play…with a electro button to get a dear subby to pay attention, no? Here at Amazon for $60 less than some Kink sites; do review it for us Penny!

    here’s the two head Hitachi htv 350r we own; purchased for neck pain and now very hungry for an attachment or two; or a two opening attachment? Scary.

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