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Sqweel1I requested the Sqweel 2 to review for Lovehoney because I was intrigued by its unique design, even though I was skeptical as to whether the toy could actually do what it’s marketed to– simulate the amazing feeling of oral sex. The Sqweel 2 consists of a plastic hub and a wheel with 10 silicone “tongues” that slips on and off for cleaning. While obviously no one has 10 tongues and it didn’t seem like it would feel realistic, I hoped it would be fun to use regardless.

The first time I lubed up and introduced the Sqweel 2 to my clit, I was quickly turned on by the interesting sensation it provided, even at the slow speed. It didn’t feel like a real tongue, but it did feel nice to have 10 spinning silicone tongues against my clit. The slowest speed wasn’t enough to satisfy me though, so I increased the toy to its medium and eventually high speed, but even after moving it around and trying different positions, I couldn’t get off. For a moment I actually thought I had lost my ability to orgasm, since the toy was very stimulating at its highest speed, but although I could practically taste my orgasm, I couldn’t quite reach it. I ended up finishing myself off with my fingers instead, and breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn’t me that was the problem.

Like any good reviewer, I didn’t give up on the toy after my initial disappointment, but I had the same experience almost every time I tried it, and I figured out that the toy is missing something crucial for me: circular motion, or at least variety of motion. The toy does have an option to switch the direction of the tongues, but that function felt uncomfortable and borderline painful, irritating my clit rather than pleasing it, and the third “back and forth” option didn’t do anything for me. So the normal spinning function is enough to get me close to orgasm, but it’s a little too robotic and missing that extra something I need from the feeling of touch (rather than vibration) to get off.  I did manage to orgasm with it once, but it took time, patience, and lot of finagling with it and moving it around in circles at just the right angle, and so far I haven’t been able to repeat that experience.

Besides the general frustration of not being able to get off, I also had other issues with the Sqweel 2. One was that I had to pay close attention to how I was using it and be careful not to press it down too hard, since that would stop the tongues from moving, which was counter-intuitive for me since my clit likes pressure. The toy’s weird sound is also distracting and the controller’s design flawed. Since it felt best holding it vertically, I had to actually look down to see where the buttons were on the front to make sure I was pressing the right one. To me it would make more sense for them to be on the side of the toy instead, so I could easily change speeds without disrupting my pleasure. It’s also nearly impossible to use a dildo with the toy since it’s bulky and in the way. I also had Jake give the Sqweel a shot, but he said he didn’t like the way it felt and found it pretty useless, which wasn’t very surprising since it’s designed for clits.

Sqweel2Overall, I was disappointed by the Sqweel 2. The feeling of its spinning tongues arouses me just enough to bring me to the edge of an orgasm, but not enough to satisfy me. The one time I got off with it took a lot of work, and I use sex toys to add variety and to make it easier to orgasm, not more difficult. However, just because it didn’t work very well for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.  It does provide a unique pleasurable sensation that is somewhat similar to oral, although obviously it’s not the same as a real tongue.  If you’re interested in a toy that simulates oral or a touch feeling or one that provides something different from the usual vibration and have an extra $60 to spend on a new toy, you could give it a shot. Hey, Epiphora liked it (and she is picky as hell), so who knows, you might too.

If you do end up trying the Sqweel 2, make sure you have 3 AAA batteries and plenty of water based lube handy, since using the toy without it isn’t pleasant. To clean the toy, remove the wheel and wash it with warm soapy water or toy cleaner, wipe down the plastic portion, and let everything dry completely before storing it. Like all toys that require batteries, it’s best to remove them when you’re not going to use it for a while. The toy is made of hygienic, non-porous silicone and plastic, but I wouldn’t recommend sharing it with multiple partners since it seems impossible to properly sterilize the toy since it has so many crevices.

Introducing the new Sqweel 2!

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  1. imwakinit

    Interesting review on an equally interesting toy.
    I thank Jake for taking it for a spin and giving his thoughts about the Sqweel as well.

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