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Tracey Cox Toner Balls

I have a confession, y’all. I’ve been slacking on using kegel balls. It’s part laziness, park forgetfulness, and part me thinking that my vag is probably pretty strong from clenching around sex toys. But kegel health is important! And if there’s one body part I want to be strong, it’s my PC muscles. I need to be able to crush skulls with my vaginal canal…and squeeze around dildos harder, of course.

So I mostly wanted to try out the Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Set to remind myself to do more kegels, and it worked!

The Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Set comes with a single kegel ball and double kegel balls that are made of body safe silicone and hard plastic, and they feature balls with weights inside that move around and a stretchy silicone retrieval cord. The single ball is a little over 2″ long and 1.5″ wide, and the double set is about 4.5″ long and 1.5″ wide. While you can’t switch out weights like you can with the Luna Beads, you can start with the single ball (39g) and move up to the heavier double balls (78g) when you feel ready. (Comparatively, Luna Beads weigh between 28-74g.) I started with the double balls and had no problem holding them in.

When I wear the Toner Balls, they feel similar to the Luna Beads. They’re not quite as jiggly, but I can feel the balls’ subtle movement as I walk and move around. They’re fairly big for kegel balls, so I can always feel them, and they remind me to squeeze and exercise my PC muscles. They’re also really comfortable, and I’ve worn them for hours while out and about without any problems. The double balls are heavier and more stimulating, but I can feel the single ball by itself as well.

Although the fact that you can’t switch out the balls means they aren’t quite as versatile as the Luna Beads, I like that the Toner Balls aren’t in a holster. I use the blue beads on my Luna Beads anyways, so the holster is somewhat superfluous, and vag gunk loves to congregate around where the holster meets the balls.

I also like that the retrieval cord is made of soft flexible silicone because it’s easy to tuck out of the way, and it doesn’t poke at my vulva.  I’ve heard of a few people who have issues with the stiffer Luna Beads cord irritating their urethra, so a soft silicone cord should eliminate that problem. The cord is odd when I’m naked though–it feels like I have an antenna coming out of my vag. I’ve heard that the cord’s stretchiness can be an issue, but I haven’t had any problems with it. I just do a sort of gentle tug, tug to get them out, so I don’t stretch the cord too much.


Toner Balls vs. Luna Beads Original & Noir

The only issue I have with the Toner Balls is the hard plastic circles on the balls. They don’t seem to serve any purpose, and although I haven’t noticed any vag gunk collecting there, there are tiny ridges that could potentially hold bacteria etc. I also wish they came in other color options besides Generic Sex Toy Pink.

Although they aren’t really orgasmic toys, kegel balls are awesome because your muscles have to work to hold them in as you move and walk around, so if you wear them while you’re active, you’re getting a workout without any actual effort. It’s kind of like sitting and watching a workout video in your sweats with a glass of wine…except it actually works!

Simple and effective, the Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls are a solid set of kegel balls, and for $26.99 for just the double beads or $35 for the whole set, they’re a great deal. If you don’t care about switching out weights and feel ready for heavy balls, I’d go with just the Toner Balls. If you want to work your way up to more weight, I’d get the the Toner Balls Set since they have more of a weight range. You could also get the single ball for $16.99 by itself, but I’d recommend getting the set because you’ll probably want to move up weights after a while. If you want a more gradual weight progression set, get the Luna Beads. If the Toner Balls look too big for you, the Luna Beads Mini/Noir are also good options, though I prefer bigger balls so I can feel them when I wear them.

*UK readers: the Toner Balls are available here & the Set here!

Thanks, Lovehoney!

**Post updated 11/6 from the Toner Balls to the Toner Set (Lovehoney sent me the single ball as well.)

18 thoughts on “Review: Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Set”

  1. Heaven

    Yea I want to crush some skulls too with my vajaja canal too. I am glad you enjoyed using these. I am still getting used to toys used for Kegals myself. I usually just do them on my own.

  2. Stephanie

    They’re so long! Even the Luna beads are pushing it for me lengthwise. I was really excited because everyone seemed to like these and they’re very affordable, but now I’m disappointed that they will probably be uncomfortable for me.

      1. Stephanie

        I do like the Luna beads, but it’s a little hard to insert them without the middle part of the holster bending. Sometimes I just use one ball if it’s during the time of the month that my cervix is lower. Do you have to push the Supersex balls all the way past your pubic bone?

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