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Vixen Buck1

Y’all, I am in love. Simply put, Buck is perfection.

But let’s back up. First, let’s talk VixSkin. Vixskin is a dual density silicone from Vixen Creations (they’re located in Austin, btw!), and it’s unlike any other silicone I’ve ever felt. It’s super squishy with a hard core, and it’s incredibly detailed. It reminds me of the uber realistic materials I used to sell at the sex shop…except it’s 100% silicone and hygienic! I seriously want to meet and give major high fives to whoever created the recipe…it’s life changing. I recently got my first 3 VixSkin dildos: Buck, Tex, & Johnny, and Buck is my favorite.

Vixen Buck3Buck is girthy and veiny, with a 2″ pronounced head and ~6″ shaft, with a flared base. Its shaft starts at about 1.8″ below its head, and maxes out at a little over 2″ near its base. In use that translates to…perfection. Buck feels amazing thrusted shallowly, its head nudging on my g-spot, and it also feels fabulous thrusted deeper, its shaft providing a delicious stretch at my vaginal opening. Since it’s so squishy, I can thrust it wildly, but it’s also hard enough to feel intense. Did I mention its head? My g-spot adores it.

With eyes closed, Buck feels incredibly real, which makes it perfect for role-play and fantasy. In fact, I fell in love with my partner all over again when he asked me if I wanted him to use Buck on me while I gave him a blow job. Adam used to be my fave for threesome role-play…but Buck has taken over the throne. Adam feels great, but Buck feels more realistic. At first Buck’s look and prominent veins seemed a bit over the top to me, but after using Buck, I love everything about it. Never change, Buck!

Vixen Buck2Now I usually have at least one of my VixSkin dildos out on my desk so I can squeeze it in between writing. They’re so squishy–they’re like stress-cocks. When I first got my Vixskin dildos, someone tweeted at me about how I’d soon find that even cleaning them is fun, and it’s so true. Washing Vixskin is like giving soapy handjobs, and it’s fabulous.

I have zero complaints about Buck. At 2″, it will be too girthy for some, but for me, it’s perfect. I’ve heard VixSkin is more reactive to hybrid/silicone lubes, so I’d recommend sticking with water based, though I do that with all silicone toys to be safe anyways. Since it has a flared base, Buck is harness compatible and anal safe, and it can be easily cleaned with soap and water or boiled for 3 minutes.

Should you get Buck? Yes, I think you should. I am enamored. Buck es mi amor. If all of my dildos disappeared, Buck would be one of the first I’d replace… I shudder to think about that happening though. If you’re looking for an awesome realistic dildo with some girth, I definitely recommend Buck. My Buck is “vanilla,” and it also comes in caramel and chocolate.

Get Buck at SheVibe or directly from Vixen.

If Buck seems to big, Mustang is an awesome smaller VixSkin dildo. Want some VixSkin with balls? I also love Johnny.

Thanks Vixen Creations!

25 thoughts on “Review: Vixen Creations Buck”

  1. shalla

    omg sweety the wine made me do it!
    it made me think bad thoughts!

    ya know the kind where a bunch of girls are out (thus the shoes around it) and suddenly the dick hits the floor…

    screams of “kill it”… kinda like in tones of what one would say about a big spider or cockraoch

    and then drunkenness taking a back seat to…. OMG ITS A COCK!!!

    ….we must SAVE it!!!!!

    loves you!

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  15. Rob

    My wife and I have been married for 25 years and have never experimented with sex toys in our marriage bed until just recently. I first purchased the Vixen creations Mustang dildo and some “squirtz” cum lube and gave my wife one orgasm after another for 30 mins. Was crazy!!!???? I then purchased another Vixen Creations product the Johnny and things really heated up even more. The Johnny gave my wife the most intense deep moaning orgasms I have ever seen which lasted for over an hour. I have only been able to satisfy her orally in the past, as I have a very small penis and have some ed. and pe. Issues. What a turn on to see that big cock inside her with the cum lube dripping from her.At one point I asked her how she liked that big cock inside her and she said “I love it” then she said ” you like seeing this big cock inside me,dont you” and I told her yes. So hot! I never dreamed sex could be so fun.Im hoping my wife might want to broaden her sexual horizons in the future to maybe let me watch another hung guy satisfy her. In the mean time im ordering the vixen creations Buck and a Fleshjack copy of CodyCummings cock to stretch and hopefully make her lust for bigger real cocks????

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