Review: WhipSmart Heart Paddle

*Update: Now that I’m vegan, I no longer own/endorse this product. Check out the Bettie Page Spanking Bat or Tantus Plunge instead.

I want to start by admitting that I don’t know a lot about BDSM and fetish toys, and although I had a paddle a few years ago (it got thrown away at some point), this is the first one I’ve had since then. I definitely classify myself as a beginner to restraints and power play toys. Regardless, I like a good spanking either before or during sex, and I was excited when I got a free WhipSmart Heart Paddle earlier this week, and I decided to try it out with Jake last night.

Jake was lying on his stomach on our bed, and I quietly snatched the paddle from the kitchen, ran into our room, pulled his pants under his butt, and began stroking it with the faux fur side of the paddle. After the light caresses, I quickly flipped the paddle over and gave him a playful thwack on each cheek. Jake isn’t really into being spanked, or at least it doesn’t turn him on like it turns me on, so my spanking him was more of a “hey, why don’t you do this to me now” gesture than a real spanking attempt. He took the hint, and after a few fur tease strokes and spanks, he had me get on all fours and stick my butt up in the air. He traced the curves of my butt and thighs with the soft side of the paddle, and then delivered a firm spanking to each cheek with the leather side, which stung a little but felt good and turned me on. He kept up the process for awhile, soft fur then firm leather spanks, and added his fingers to my clit, until I was juicy and my butt had enough hits. I won’t continue with all the details, but the paddle was definitely a success.

The Heart Paddle is 11.5” long and 5” inches wide, light and easy to hold, and made of white leather and red faux fur. One downside I noticed is that the faux fur is glued to the paddle, so I’m not sure how long it will hold together. During our first time using the paddle, it didn’t get dirty or require cleaning, and I hope to avoid getting any bodily fluids or lube on it if possible. I asked my friend who is a female dominant how you would clean it if necessary, and she said to use cold water and a mild bar soap (like Dove), hang to air dry, and oil the leather side (or use a tiny bit of silicone lube.)

I definitely had fun with this paddle and will keep it on my nightstand for whenever I want a good spanking because it’s light, pretty, and versatile. The two sides of the paddle complement each other well because the soft fur sensitizes the skin and the leather delivers firm hits. In addition to using it for my spankings, I also ran the soft fur side on my breasts during oral because it felt lovely against my skin. I would recommend this paddle or a similar paddle with both a hard and soft side for spanking beginners like me.


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