Sweet Release


Self portrait, in-camera double exposure

Day 28 of #FebPhotoFest

 Ah, today is the last day of FebPhotoFest! In case you missed some of the action, here’s a summary:  I posted 28 images which included 15 self portraits, 7 sex toy photos, and miscellaneous things like books and flowers that look like vulvas. All of the images were shot specifically for FebPhotoFest, with the exception of 3 throwback images (Masked, More Oral, & Lifelike.)

What’d you think? Which were your favorite images?



21 thoughts on “Sweet Release”

  1. fridayam

    First of all I love this/these image/s, thogh do you always keep your glasses on when you masturbate? 😉 As for my favourite image, that’s a tough one, as there are so many, but you on the tree branch stands out for me. A feast of erotic photography–thank you x

  2. KaziG

    Wow, that’s a powerful double image — each element complements beautifully! I don’t know how you can keep your glasses on either but it’s sexy!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Molly

    Hurrah for another Febphotofest. I have not had a chance to get round to everyone’s images but I will. I think I might even write a little round-up about the project and link to a selection of everyone’s work. I find myself looking forward to the end of Feb but I know that when it is over I will miss it.


  4. MariaSibylla

    I can’t believe this is an in camera double exposure! That’s incredible! I love the positioning of the hand, the way all the layers seem to intertwine is really lovely. For the record, if I’m wearing glasses when I masturbate, I usually just leave them on.

  5. Beck

    As soon as I seen your title, Spike popped into my head. This images is absolutely amazing and the title for it is perfect. Congrats on finishing the photo fest.

  6. Clive

    I have loved them all – too bad February is a short month. Your images have included inventive, creative, wistful, sexy, scary and arty!! Not a bad mix for a month!!

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