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I shot this self portrait two years ago during the 1st year of FebPhotoFest but never shared it until now. It brings back memories of when my best friend briefly lived only an hour away instead of over 1,000 miles away. She was not at all surprised when I came over and decided to shoot nude self portraits–I got some great shots in her house, in the backyard, on her erotic comics table, and on her couch. We still shoot nudes when we do see each other though, of course. 🙂

Day 11 of #FebPhotoFest/Throwback Thursday


Girly Juice Glamour

During Dildo Holiday, I had the pleasure of shooting the gorgeous, glamorous Girly Juice! She’s a natural–her posing and expressions were effortless. Lucky for y’all, she gave me permission to share some of the beautiful images we captured!

I had so much fun shooting and editing these–all the noodz please!

SinfulSundayLips100The first image was featured as a top photo in the Sinful Sunday Round-up–thanks Molly!

Sweet Release


Self portrait, in-camera double exposure

Day 28 of #FebPhotoFest

 Ah, today is the last day of FebPhotoFest! In case you missed some of the action, here’s a summary:  I posted 28 images which included 15 self portraits, 7 sex toy photos, and miscellaneous things like books and flowers that look like vulvas. All of the images were shot specifically for FebPhotoFest, with the exception of 3 throwback images (Masked, More Oral, & Lifelike.)

What’d you think? Which were your favorite images?