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Review: Fascinator Shag Throe

As soon as I squirted for the first time and had to sleep in a towel-covered wet puddle on the bed, I knew I needed a Fascinator Throe. The Throe is a moisture resistant sex blanket, with one soft side, one satin side, and a thin moisture barrier in between. There are numerous Throe color and material options, but I bought a red fluffy Throe simply because it was the only one available at the sex shop where I was working at the time, and I needed one ASAP.

Before I purchased my Throe, I read various reviews that raved how perfectly it works, how it keeps any liquids from seeping through, but that hasn’t quite been the case for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Throe, and it does protect our bed very well, keeping lube, semen, and most of my ejaculate off of our bed, but a little bit of moisture has seeped through it a few times after a particularly squirty session.

Another issue I have with the Throe is its size.  It’s great for my solo sessions, but it doesn’t quite cover our queen size bed, so it slides around and gets crumpled during sex. I think the Throe would be better if it was big enough to cover the whole bed as well as have about a foot draping over all sides, or if there was a separate fitted style Throe option for partner sex. The Throe also takes awhile to dry after use, so be prepared to lay it out somewhere and have another one or some towels ready if you’re planning on a squirting marathon.

Still, the Throe works wonders and is way sexier and more convenient than the alternatives, like layers of towels or crinkly plastic sheets. I almost always use the Throe when I masturbate internally and usually for oral and sex as well. I lay my Throe shag side up because I love the feel of the soft, luxurious faux fur, and it’s more absorbent than the satin side. The Throe can be machine washed and dried on low heat, and it looks like a normal blanket so you won’t get any weird stares at the Laundromat.

Simply put, if you squirt or play with someone who does, you need a Fascinator Throe, and even if you don’t, it’s a handy sex accessory to have around. So far it’s the best product I’ve found for keeping ejaculate, lube, sweat, blood, dirty sex toys, or whatever else off of clean sheets or furniture. I’m making due with one for now, but I definitely want to get another one or two so I can have a fresh one ready at all times.