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Making a Mess

Today Jake was putting up new baseboards in our bedroom and making a woodchippy mess in the process. I figured I might as well use the mess to my advantage and add a new photo to my ongoing Sex Toys and Tools series. The Pure Wand fits right in to this photo not only because of its shiny stainless steel, but also because it’s also a handy tool and  usually results in a mess, although a very different kind…

Toy with me Tuesday

Working on the Deck Part 2

This past Sunday, I took some photos of Jake and myself for Sinful Sunday while he was working on our deck. Since I had my camera out already, I wanted to get some photos for Toy With Me Tuesday as well, so I added a toy to the mix of his tools.

And a close up on the Mangasm Voyager:

And if you look closely at my image of Jake from Sinful Sunday, you will see the Mangasm as well.

Toy with me Tuesday

Power Tools

Jake has his toys, and I have mine. Sometimes, we share.

Although I occasionally take out my toys just to see what kinds of artsy photos I can come up with, I mainly photograph my toys for reviews purposes. So I was excited when I heard about Nymphomanic Ness’ new feature Toy With Me Tuesday because it gives me an excuse (and hopefully a weekly reminder) to play around with sex toy imagery. This week is the 1st ever Toy With Me Tuesday; click below to see who else is playing and to join us. 

Pictured: Hitachi Magic Wand

Toy with me Tuesday