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Review: Lovehoney Tease Me Bondage Tape

Tease Me Bondage TapeWhat initially attracted me to bondage tape was its aesthetic. I like the shiny, wet look and the idea of tape bondage without the pain of normal duct tape.

The Lovehoney Tease Me Bondage Tape consists of a roll of 20m of strong PVC tape that only sticks to itself for tape bondage play without the pain of hair-pulling upon removal. I received mine in black, but Lovehoney also carries it in red and purple.

My boyfriend and I used the entire roll of tape in only a few uses for light bondage and to make a fetish top. As described, the tape only sticks to itself and doesn’t pull hair when removed. It’s also advertised as being reusable, but it’s not really since the tape sticks to itself and is pretty much impossible to separate and put back on the roll. If you actually use it to bind, you have to use your teeth or scissors to get it off (it will stretch but is very hard to break,) which also ruins any chance of reuse.

I found using the tape to bind my wrists and ankles annoying since the tape wouldn’t stay flat and got twisted, crinkled, and loosened as I struggled to get free. With enough layers it did work to actually restrain me, which was fun for forced Hitachi orgasms and oral play, but it quickly became distracting and uncomfortable as it painfully dug into me after it got twisted and left my skin sweaty and smelling of chemicals. I’ve heard of people using the tape as a gag or blindfold, but this didn’t work for me as the tape’s PVC smell reminded me of poisonous jelly dildos, and I couldn’t stand having it near my face.

Using the tape to try to restrain Jake was even less successful, and even wrapped in many layers he could easily loosen it and break free. It could probably actually restrain him if I had used many layers over his entire arms, but I didn’t want to finish all of the tape. On the plus side, I did get a sexy photo of him “bound” while experimenting with it on him.

Again, the tape was frustrating and not very effective when we tried using it to make a sexy top. First we wrapped it horizontally around my breasts, but it kept rolling on the edges and slipping out of place. We also tried making a sort of breast bondage top, and it worked alright for that, although it was still hard to manage and keep in place. I removed it after only a few minutes since it was uncomfortable and made me very sweaty. I can deal with some discomfort if I think it’s worth the appearance (have you seen some of my heels?) but in this case the look wasn’t worth the trouble. I think you could manage to make a cool fetish outfit with it, but it would take more patience than I had as well as way more tape.

Even after constant annoyances using the tape, I was going to say that it could be an option for someone looking for an inexpensive way to try light bondage…until I had an allergic reaction to it. The day after we used it to restrain me, I broke out into itchy and painful hives on both of my wrists. After it happened I read up on latex and PVC as well as contact allergies and irritations, and I definitely had an allergic reaction to it since it was delayed and then went away when I took antihistamines.

At first I thought it was strange that I only had a reaction on my wrists, but it makes sense since I had it on my wrists much longer than any other part of my body. I also think harmful chemicals may have been released when it stretched and crinkled as I struggled with it. Jake’s wrists were also red and itchy after use, but he didn’t have the more severe allergic reaction that I did (but he didn’t have it on as long either.) It’s also important to note that I’ve never noticed a latex or PVC allergy before, and I’ve used a different brand of bondage tape in the past and didn’t have an issue, although it is possible to develop allergies over time.

Even though I am obviously allergic to something in the Tease Me Bondage Tape and others may have no issues when using it, I don’t feel comfortable recommending it since it irritated Jake as well and was generally frustrating to use. It can work for restraining, but it requires many layers, and it easily gets crinkled, twisted, tangled, and stretched. If you really want a tape bondage look I guess it’s probably a better option than duct tape, but I would only use it if you’ve already performed a patch test on your skin (and waited at least a day) to ensure you won’t react to it.

Review: Tantus Ryder

The Ryder isn’t my first silicone butt plug, but it’s my first Tantus plug, which for me is a cause for celebration. Tantus is a respected manufacturer of 100% silicone sex toys, trusted even by sex bloggers’ high standards, and I’ve wanted to try one of their products for quite awhile now. When Vibrations Direct offered to send me a toy to review, I chose the Ryder because Epiphora, one of my favorite reviewers, raved that it’s a “sex toy staple,” and I’ve never come across a negative opinion about it.

So, is all of the hype true? Is the Ryder some sort of silicone butt miracle? After constantly sticking the thing in and out of my ass for the past 2 weeks, I can confidently tell you that it is definitely a wonderful plug, once you’re ready for it. I say once you’re ready for it because many sites describe the Ryder as perfect for beginners, which I don’t think is true, unless you have a very stretchy ass or you like a challenge.

I thought I would have no problem getting the Ryder in since I have anal sex, even though it’s the largest anal toy I’ve tried so far, with a 3” insertable length and 1.6” girth. Not surprisingly though, inserting an egg-shaped silicone plug that has some drag to it is a lot different than inserting a hard dick, and the first few times I used the Ryder took a lot of time and patience, starting first with fingers and foreplay and then moving on to inserting it with lots of lube and more patience and foreplay. Now that I’ve used it quite a few times, I can get it in faster, but I still need a good warm up.

Once I got the hang of the Ryder though, I began to enjoy its magic. Ryder’s slightly tapered egg shape and thinner neck makes it very comfortable once inserted, and it stays in place well, giving me a nice full sensation while masturbating, having sex, or just wearing it around for fun. The Ryder’s rectangular base is a godsend compared to other obtrusive round bases, and although I definitely know it’s in there when I’m wearing it, it isn’t obvious or obnoxious, and it doesn’t poke me when I sit.

My favorite way to use the Ryder is as a warm up for anal sex. The added time it takes for me to get the Ryder in is foreplay in itself, and once it’s in for awhile while Jake and I play around or have vaginal sex, my ass is more than ready to move on to something bigger. The Ryder’s longer body warms up my sphincter muscles much better than the quick “pop” of my other smaller and more bulbous shaped plugs. I also enjoy using the Ryder with a dildo, and it doesn’t get in the way even when using hard toys or fall out when I orgasm, unlike some other plugs.

Since it’s made of 100% silicone, the Ryder is non-porous and can be easily cleaned and sterilized, which is especially important for anal toys. I always wash it before and after use with antibacterial soap and water and give it a more thorough cleaning as needed. Silicone toys are notorious for their tendency to retain smells, and the best way I’ve found to get rid of this is by spraying it with a 10% bleach 90% water solution and letting it air out.* I’ve also tried boiling it for 10 minutes and running it through the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap,) which are both valid cleaning options, but they don’t work as well for eliminating odor. The Ryder’s silicone also attracts lint, dust, dirt, cat hair, and anything else around like crazy, so it requires a wipe down or rinse at the very least before use.

If you’re looking for a quality, comfortable medium butt plug or a fun toy for anal sex foreplay, then I wholeheartedly recommend the Tantus Ryder. It’s made of hygienic silicone, it’s comfortable, it provides a nice full feeling, and it’s a fun way to warm up for anal sex.  I wouldn’t recommend the Ryder for anal beginners though, and even if you’re not an anal beginner, I suggest lots of foreplay, relaxation, and thick lube, which are important for all anal play anyways.

*After using a bleach solution, wash the toy with soap and water and rinse well before use. You don’t want bleach or even  soap residue getting in or around your genitals.


Review: Dona by Jo Blue Lotus Bath Salts

I received some free samples of DONA from System Jo awhile back, and one of them was Dona Blue Lotus Bath Salts. The clear bath salts came in a plastic recyclable container with pretty packaging that features a fuchsia lace print label. The package describes the bath salts as “aphrodisiac infused, natural, paraben free, petro. derive. free, and cruelty free.”

Whenever I used the DONA Blue Lotus Bath Salts, the calming fragrance relaxed my body and left my skin soft and lightly scented. I liked that the aroma was light and not too strong or overpowering. I was somewhat disappointed though that the salts didn’t fizz or bubble like some others I’ve used.

Although I enjoyed the salts, I put off reviewing the DONA products because I knew I would have to research the various ingredients, which is much more time consuming than reviewing toys since I am familiar with toy materials and their various properties. I tried contacting System Jo to get an explanation of the various ingredients used in DONA to make it easier on myself, but they said they were too busy at the time to get a list from the lab. Today I finished off the container of bath salts and finally finished looking up the ingredients as well:


Sodium Chloride- Salt

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salt)-A bulking agent; Prevents temporary skin wrinkling & reduces inflammation; found in sea water and mineral deposits

Silica (Silicone Dioxide)- A bulking and anticaking agent; naturally occurs as sand or quartz

Maltodextrin- A bulking and carrying agent and skin conditioning agent; a polysaccharide produced from starch

Sodium Hyaluronate- A skin conditioning agent; The sodium salt of hyaluronic acid; It’s listed in the PETA’s Caring Consumer guide as derived from animal sources (unless it’s synthetic or from plant oils)

Beta Glucan- A bulking agent and skin conditioning agent; Beta glucans are sugars that are found in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, lichens, and plants, such as oats and barley

Panthenol*- a form of vitamin B5, used as a moisturizer and lubricating compound

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein- A skin conditioner; a hydrolysate of vegetable protein

Allantoin*- a skin conditioning agent; a naturally occurring nitrogenous compound

Aloe Barbadensis- Aloe vera (plant)

Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Oil

Laminaria Digitata (Algae) Extract

Nymphaea Caerulea (Blue Lotus) Flower


* This ingredient is listed in the PETA’s Caring Consumer guide as a substance that can be of either animal or plant origin.

Overall I have mixed feelings about this product. The salts smell great, and I enjoyed using them during baths because they conditioned and lightly scented my skin. The problem I have is with the ingredients list. With a product marketed as “natural,” I usually expect the ingredients list to be short and to have explanations of what the ingredients are and why they are included (for example, Sliquid Lubricants.) The DONA Blue Lotus bath salts have 12 ingredients, and most of them were not familiar to me, so I had to spend time looking them up. Also, while researching some of the ingredients, I found that 3 ingredients could be derived from animal sources. While I am not a vegetarian or vegan, if they are marketing the product as cruelty free, I think it’s important to know that none of the products were derived from animals.

If DONA wants consumers to feel comfortable that their products are truly natural and cruelty free, I think they should provide a more specific explanation of the ingredients. For example, is the Sodium Hyaluronate from animals, plant oils, or synthetic? This would make a difference as far as whether I would classify it as “cruelty free.” If you ask me, any product that is marketed as “natural” and “cruelty free” shouldn’t have an ingredients list that takes so long to research and dissect.


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