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Although I like to take pretty, artistic photos of sex toys for Toy With Me Tuesday, my favorites are usually the funny ones. This is my third “mini debauchery” photo, the 1st was a dildo invasion and the 2nd a mini gang bang. I love the idea of my sex toys coming to life when I’m not around…sort of like in Toy Story, but much, much naughtier.

And on that note, look who I caught fooling around when they thought I wasn’t looking!

It appears that my wind up toy (that I won in the Seymore Butt’s Twitter contest) has broken the rule of being caught by its owner. Maybe it (they?) wanted me to join in, or maybe they just get off on the idea of me watching 🙂

Toy with me Tuesday

Mini Gang Bang

While enjoying my morning coffee, I snapped a quick mini anal photo for Toy With Me Tuesday:

But what started as a simple coffee and anal scene soon escalated…

into a full on mini gang bang!

Toy with me Tuesday

The mini ass I used is the Tushy Desk Pen Set holder that I won in a Seymore Butts Twitter contest with mini Doc Johnson dildos. See more mini debauchery here.

My Seymore Butts Package Came!

I saw Adam Glasser (aka Seymore Butts) was having a NY picture contest on twitter …so I had Jake write on my butt with lip liner…and I won! 🙂

@seymorebutts after much consideration by my crack staff, the winning contest entry pic.twitter.com/IG2zkQMh congratulations @pennysblog DM me ur address.

Retweeted by Penny
It had porn, t-shirts &tanks, a Tushy Desk set, a Seymore Gets Some Tushy wind-up figurine, and my faves: 2 personalized autographed photos from Seymore Butts!