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Today is my 1st Monaversary!

Guess what, y’all?! Today is my one year Monaversary! Funnily enough, I know that because of Facebook’s memory thing, which shows that I posed this as my status one year ago today “I know this is my vanilla Facebook…but I don’t care! MY MONA IS HERE!!!” 

I’m happy to say that Mona and I are still going strong! And since other Lelo toys I’ve had for 3+ years like Mia still work fine, hopefully Mona and I will have many more years together.

To celebrate, here are some photos I took of Mona against the vulva wallpaper at the hotel last month at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. I only brought 5 sex toys on the trip (only 2 vibes), and Mona was one of them ((5 points to whoever can guess/remembers the other 4)).



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TMI Tuesday: Summer Lovin’

1. Do you have more sex or less when on vacation?

It depends on the situation. When I was in Spain for a month last summer without Jake, I didn’t have any sex (besides masturbating), so that was obviously less. Jake and I have also gone on trips with family and had less sex than usual because of the circumstances. But the one time we were alone on a trip, we had plenty of sex. We took advantage of the huge mirrors on the hotel wall, of course.

2. Do you plan a vacation so that you will have an opportunity to have

So far I’ve never had a need to. Jake and I live together without anyone else and have plenty of opportunities for uninterrupted sex.

3. Have you ever planned a vacation in order to meet someone for sex?

No, not yet. But I’d say Jake and I are open to the idea.

4. Have you ever gone on a singles’ cruise or some other
hookup-facilitating vacation?

No, but it’s something Jake and I would consider.

5. Have you had sex on a means of transportation other than a car: bus, train, airplane, cruise ship?


6. Have you had outdoor sex on camping, hiking, skiing, boating

I had sex with an ex while camping at Coachella when we were there to see Rage Against the Machine. Two of our friends were asleep in the tent, and we could hear police helicopters above us.  As it turns out, there were riots going on.

Bonus:  Do you pack sex toys, lubes (3.4 oz. bottles or less), etc. when you fly? Do you think about TSA finding them? Has TSA ever found them and questioned you about your sexual aids or displayed them? Tell us about it.

Yes, I pack sex toys when I fly, although so far I’ve only brought small vibrators. I brought a bullet vibe to Argentina, and Lelo Mia to Spain and Mexico. The TSA has never questioned me about them or displayed them. I did wonder what would happen if they found Mia while airport workers were looking through my bag in Mexico, but they didn’t take it out and nothing happened. Mia looks like a lipstick or USB drive, so I’m usually not very worried about it.