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Most latex condoms and barriers are not vegan friendly because they are made using casein (a milk protein) and are tested on animals. Lambskin condoms are also definitely not vegan as they are made with sheep intestines. Thankfully though there are some vegan friendly condoms that don’t contain any animal ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. Also check out my post on vegan sex toys.

Vegan Latex Condoms & Dams

Thankfully there are plenty of vegan latex condom options! Condoms can also be converted to dental dams, which is handy because dams aren’t as widely available, and there aren’t any certified vegan flavorless/scentless dam options (that I know of).

Sustain Condoms are vegan and fair trade certified latex condoms. My local co-op carries them (yay!) and they’re available at Good Vibes, and some mainstream retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Whole Foods, and CVS or directly from their site.

Sir Richards are vegan certified condoms with a Buy One Give One program (for every condom bought, they donate one to a community in need.) I found some at my local vegan shop, and they’re available from Early to Bed and SheBop as well some mainstream retailers or directly from their site.


*So far I’ve tried Sir Richard’s & Sustain, and I don’t really have a preference between them. They both go on easily, I can barely feel them, and they don’t have a strong latex smell or taste.

Glyde also offers vegan fair trade latex condoms, flavored condoms, and flavored dental dams. They’re one of the cheapest options, and they also have an outreach program and sponsor Woodhull! I have yet to try them but will add an update when I do. Glyde products are available from Early to BedSmitten Kitten, Good Vibes, SheBop, or directly from their site.

L Condoms offers certified vegan latex condoms, and they also have a buy one give one program. They’re available from some Whole Foods, and directly from their site.

French Letter is a UK company that makes fair trade, vegan condoms including non-lubricated condoms (the only ones I know of). Non-lubricated condoms are ideal for vegans who want to use condoms on silicone toys since many condoms use silicone lubricant, which can damage silicone toys. They ship to the US and other countries.

Condomi is also a UK company that makes vegan condoms.

RFSU are latex condoms made in Sweden–I see them listed as vegan on retailers sites, but I couldn’t find any information from them directly about being vegan or certified.

Kimono condoms aren’t certified but are advertised as vegan. I don’t know the company’s stance on animal testing though. They’re available at Early to Bed, SheBopGood Vibes, from their site, and at CVS.

B Condoms aren’t certified or advertised as vegan but they say they are in their FAQ section.

Einhorn is a German company that makes vegan, fair trade, sustainable condoms. I wish I could order some because they’re unicorn themed and have fun packaging, but they’re only available in Germany and Austria.

Non-Latex Condoms, Dams, & Gloves

I’m not allergic to latex, but I used to think I had a latex sensitivity because latex condoms often mildly irritated me. Now that I’ve switched to vegan latex condoms, I haven’t had any issues, so in my case it might have been something in standard latex condoms. I’m not a doctor though and obviously avoid latex if you think you’re allergic.

As far as I know, non-latex barrier options such as nitrile and polyisoprene are formulated as vegan, but unfortunately there aren’t any certified/advertised vegan options (if you know of any, please let me know!), and the companies that make these may test on animals.

FC2 are nitrile internal condoms. They’re available from SheVibe, Early to BedSmitten Kitten, Good Vibes, and some mainstream retailers like Walgreens, Walmart, & CVS.

Hot Dams are polyurethane, flavorless dental dams. The only shop I’ve found them at is SheBop.

Nitrile gloves are available from Early to Bed, Good Vibes, SheBop, and many other mainstream stores–I’ve even found some at Home Depot.

Lifestyles SKYN & Durex Avanti Bare are polyisoprene non-latex condoms and are available where most condoms are sold. They may be formulated without animal ingredients since they aren’t latex, but they aren’t advertised as vegan and are subsidiaries of companies that do test on animals.1

pennysblog_vegancondoms_3*Note: This post is not sponsored. Support sex positive shops (and my blog!) by shopping through the affiliate links below, or buy vegan condoms locally or directly from the manufacturer. I don’t recommend buying condoms (or sex toys) from Amazon.

Shops with vegan barrier options

Early to Bed– Sir Richard’s, Glyde, FC2, nitrile glovesKimono, SKYN. They also have a list of their vegan products.

Good Vibrations– Sustain, Glyde, FC2, nitrile glovesKimonoSKYN

SheBopSir Richard’s, Glyde Dams, RFSU, Hot Dam, FC2, nitrile gloves, Kimono, SKYN. Also check out all of their vegan products.

Smitten Kitten– Glyde, FC2SKYN. Also check out all of their vegan products.

SheVibeFC2, SKYN. Also check out their other vegan products.

Vegan condoms in Austin

If you’re looking for vegan condoms in Austin, I’ve found them at the following places:

Rabbit Food Grocery– Sir Richard’s, Sustain

Wheatsville Co-op (South Lamar)- Sustain, Kimono

Whole Foods (Lamar)- Sustain, L Condoms

*In case you’re wondering, the adorable bag my condoms are in is the Limited Edition Fun Factory Toybag! Condoms pictured: SustainSir Richard’s 

pennysblog_sliquidpinkI’ll probably do a separate post about vegan lubes, but my fave is Sliquid! H2O & Sassy are my go-tos.

  1. I emailed and verified that SKYN does not contain casein. 

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